Nov 7, 2012

I will try to get back on track!

It really is amazing how time is going by.  We're happily busy here.  I remember when Ben was Hailey's age and I blogged every week.  Now we're plus one and somehow I NEVER have time.  So, here's what we've been up to.

Beach, more beach, in various states.  Settling in with a warm fall.  Today is a very cold rain on this election day 2012.

The kids are amazing.  Let's start at the top.

Abby:  Very healthy.  She is handling her Limes Disease without any ill effects that we can see.  Her hips are in great shape. She spends her days going from soft surface to soft surface.  Luckily for her, Hailey has figured out child locks on cupboards and therefore can get her treats on demand.  We're keeping her weight down even with this...somehow.

Ben:  Seriously LOVING school!  He makes sure he gets his homework done as soon as we get home.  He has school twice a week and wishes it were more.  He's been VERY healthy (knock on wood).  He continues to be the best big brother I've seen.  He has even taken to wanting to make lunch for him and Hailey.  Let me tell you, his ham sandwiches are second to none.  He gets out all necessary ingredients, assembles, cuts (with butter knife) and serves.  Really, they are perfect!

Picking him up from school is also a treat.  The two of them love each other so much.  As soon as Hailey and I round the corner they have to hug!  The preschoolers are supposed to stay in their spots on the rug, which Ben does, but Hailey has to run up to him and sit with him or she screams.  It's so sweet.

They also have a night time routine that I somewhat caught on video.  Hailey knows when she needs to go to bed.  Generally around 7:30pm.  She starts saying "nigh nigh!"  We tell her to go give everyone a kiss, which she does.  She has to kiss Ben, Hailey, Mom, and Dad, then grabs her blanket, baby and just goes to bed.  If she somehow misses kissing Ben, or he's downstairs, he'll yell "HEY! I didn't get a kiss!"  And sh has to run back and kiss him.  They'll hate me for saying this someday, I know.

Ben is still the tallest kid in preschool.  It's so amazing to see him as a little boy and no longer a toddler.  

Hailey:  She's getting better.  We've actually been dealing with a bladder infection for the last week.  She's had on and off fevers for weeks.  We've taken her in, ears and throat clear, so they send her home.  If the fever doesn't improve bring her back.  Well, it'll go away for a few days, then come back.  We started just blaming it on teething.  And boy was she fussy!  Until last Tuesday when she woke up from her nap with a 105 fever.  I sat in her doctors office Wednesday and insisted they keep looking, that something else was going on.  And there we go.  Yup, I was that Mom, but it paid off and we know what's going on. Antibiotics in place.

Vocabulary:  Exploding!  She's just getting it!  The doctor seemed worried at her 15month physical but I do believe that may have just been due to her brother doing all the talking for her!  And if you've seen Ben lately, you know that boy can talk!  We've got Momma, Dadda, Ben, Abby, wawa, puppy, baby, blankie, milk, please, just to name a few.

Eating:  She may be worse than Ben at this age.  Maybe it's just the age.  But she really doesn't want anything to do with food at this point.  She's just as big a milk addict as Ben was, maybe more.  She still prefers any fruit and even some veggies over any sort of protein.  I can't even tell you what her favorite food is right now.  Maybe pears?  Can milk be considered a food?

Sleeping:  Everyone's doing ok with this.  Ben is Ben.  He's in bed by 8 or 8:30.  He sleeps till 7-ish.  Naps are becoming more hit or miss.  But we at least have quiet time every day.
    Hailey is trying to get rid of her morning nap already.  But then her pm nap is getting longer.  She sleeps from about 7:30pm till 7am.  With this infection we've been getting up around 4 am, but that's getting better.  I really don't mind her giving up the morning nap as long as she doesn't get too grumpy.  It gives us a chance to get out of the house! 

Halloween was amazing other than that was Hailey's sickest day.  Ben was Superman, and Hailey was a little Devil.  I thought the devil was ironic until the days leading up to Halloween! She's so sweet until she's sick!  Ben got to walk around the neighborhood with the neighbor kids and was definitely the most outgoing.  Videos to come.  He was running to the rescue of fellow trick or treaters!   Hailey and I stayed home mostly.  She loved watching the kids coming to the door.  She was so out of it.  I tried to take Ben out after Brian got back with him but he was so tired.  He was dragging his bag around on the ground to the point where it got a hole in it somewhere and we were leaving a trail of candy behind us.  It was so sad.  He didn't even care.  I gave him a piggy back ride home from there.

~ Patti ~

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