Jun 20, 2012

The Week Of Hailey and Fun

Yes, it has been the week (or two) of Hailey!  She is one, there have been many rites of passages that have happened.  She has dug into 2 chocolate cakes, she has tried walking, she has now gotten 2 "one year" molars!  She is amazing!

No, things have been going very well.  She had an amazing party at Mom and Dad's with all her cousins there!  She had a ball!  DUG into the cake.  We also had a little party on her actual birthday here at the house.  I took the day and made sure I didn't work and we were just together.

We then spent time at the cottage with aunts and cousins and had an AMAZING TIME!!!  We were exhausted.  Daddy couldn't make it unfortunately, but we managed.  Ben LOVED the water.  Did a great job staying close to shore with his life jacket on.  He had a great time in the creek playing with all his cousins.

Then back to home, work work work, Father's Day weekend!  It was all about family and food!

Then work.

And today Hailey had her 1 year physical!  She is perfectly healthy, no worries what so ever!  She is 21lbs and I have to ask about length again (I was busy with 2 kids in a dr's office for 1.5hrs!!!).  But I do remember her showing me the chart and saying she is 50% for both length and weight!  Average!  I now call her my little peanut!  We were used to "gigantour Ben!"  Ben didn't see an official growth chart for 2 years, and now Hailey is 50%.  We just weren't prepared for that....  Brian's all worried we aren't feeding her enough already.  She'll be fine!  Let's not worry yet!  She's actually right where she needs to be!  Not some giant the Bishops created!

Anyway, some videos for your enjoyment.  Hailey is trying to walk more and more!  Ben continues to be a very caring and nurturing older brother!  He just wants to help me make her happy and play with her all he can!

My work schedule slows substantially for the next few weeks so hope to update more and more!  But also hope to play with those little people in my house more and more, too!!!

Patti, Brian, Ben, Hailey, and Abby!

Jun 13, 2012


Hey hey hey! We gotcha photos here! Video to come!

Hailey: "I'M ONE! BOOYA!"

- Brian

Jun 5, 2012

Hailey is 1!!!

Hailey and Mom, June 5, 2011.  1hour old.  
Hailey June 5, 2012
And yes, it's all Hailey all day!  Both kids are sleeping.  Time to go bake a cake!

I just want to say really quickly, how much I love my sweet Hailey!  How much I am flooded with memories of our day one year ago.  Thank God for neighbors who were home (Bonnie Becker!!!!), and for my husband's ability to run red lights in the safest way you could possibly run red lights in order to get me to the hospital a mere 9 minutes before Hailey made her entrance!  We've been going nonstop ever since!

More pictures and video to come of a fun filled celebration!

Hailey Slideshow

Slideshow for you!