Apr 29, 2013

Hailey spinning!

So, this was too cute.  Hailey has been practicing her spins!  FINALLY some video!  And I was trying to get some of Ben on, too, but of course my lack of computer skills has upheld that process. 

Hopefully Brian can find the time.  I know he's busy with his new job.  Then coming back to his hotel suite around 5 or 6 o'clock.  Then, well, I think he's making up for lost time with watching baseball and doing his fantasy baseball, and he's taken on some new IPAD games.  So, maybe he can squeeze it in.

The kids and I were in Lansing this weekend to see Daddy.  They had fun! Still sleeping it off.  Once they wake up we're off to see a school for Ben then home! 

Apr 23, 2013

Out with the old!

So, it's been what you might call...busy.  Sometimes I have to stop myself from thinking "Is this going to fast?  Is this the right thing to do?  Did we think this through?"  And just need to stop.  It's done.  We sold our house in Oak Forest in 6.5 days from the time it went on the market.  And about 4 days after that put an offer on the new house only 2 days into our house hunting in Lansing. One thing we learned very quickly, is Lansing's market is what they are calling "low inventory".  Meaning there really isn't anything for sale.  So, we looked at just about every house for sale in 2 days and picked this one!  It doesn't have a bar like our old house, but I'm sure we can remedy that.  One thing it has that our old house doesn't is 4 bedrooms, and a basement!  Part of it is finished and our plan is to put another room down there for visitors.  Our visitors won't get to sleep in a bar anymore, but we can place some liquor bottles around the bed to make them feel more at home I suppose!

Baby updates:  Ben is doing fine.  He's been a little sad this week because Brian left on Sunday to go start his new job in Lansing.  He's handling the idea that we're moving pretty well.  He's getting it.  He knows he won't be at his school anymore, and he's sad he'll be leaving his room.  He's quickly comforted when he learns we'll be taking all our stuff out of this house and putting it in the new one.  He's also in agreement that we need more space stating "Can we have more bathrooms?  Will the babies have their own rooms? I don't want to share with a baby!"

He's been a good helper this week with me being a single Mom.  He's very proud that he can help and I often hear "I got it Mom, I can help Hailey."  Just love him.

Abby:  She's handling the changes a bit more harshly.  She was throwing up yesterday and I can only assume it's from things being different.  She stares at the door a lot waiting for Brian to come home, and I can't get her to leave my side even to go out.  We also forgot her 9th birthday last week.  I think she's mad.  I also can't believe she's 9!!!  Where did the time go?!  I think the kids and I will take her to the pet store today to let her pick out a present!

Hailey:  Turning into a little girl right before my eyes!  She's talking UP A STORM!  I can understand about 33% of it, and Ben can get an additional 12%, so we're making a good team.  She's lost interest in potty training again, and I've lost energy to try right now.  Whatever we get done we'll lose when we move anyway.  She continues to be very independent, and sure of herself.  She has this sideways glance when she knows she's pushing the limits and I try so hard not to laugh at it.  She is cunning.  I am learning from other Moms of multiples that her desire to be independent may benefit me in some ways.  For example: she doesn't really like to be carried anywhere.  She likes to walk.  She likes to get in and out of her car seat herself.  Things like that.  So I'm not really having to lift her a lot.  I just have to stand there and WAIT for her to do things herself.  But it will be nice when I'm huge.

Other Hailey interests:  She is our artist!  She LOVES coloring and drawing!  She's sitting next to me now coloring!  Her hands are often covered in marker and ink these days!  But she can spend forever drawing!  She'll stand at her art table and just color away!  And she's still switching between her left and right hand, but starting to use her right hand more.  I was SO thinking she was going to be our lefty!  Just like Grandma Huling!

Twins:  16 weeks pregnant today!  They are getting big!  Time for a belly picture I suppose.  I've been able to hear the heartbeats 3 times now.  One thing I find interesting is the doctor spends a lot of time listening to them because their heart rates are so similar, so she needs to be sure she's not just listening to the same one twice.  Makes me wonder if maybe they are identical!  Brian says maybe it's just that they are the same gender.  We still don't think we're going to find out the genders.  We have about 4 weeks until our next ultrasound so who knows!  We then get an ultrasound every 2-4 weeks after that.

I am feeling squirms now and then!!  Maybe once or twice a day now!  For about a week now.  I've read you can't feel twins any sooner, but it is definitely them more consistently now!  It's pretty interesting. One is low and left, the other is hanging out a little higher and on the right side.  So far, they are getting along and sharing with one another quite well in there!

One reason I heard the heartbeats yesterday is because I did fall down the stairs on Saturday.  Hurt me more than them I learned.  They are protected.  By me.  I just slid on the first step and went bumping the rest of the way down.  Brian was home still and ran to my aide.  I am very bruised and sore, but everything else is ok.  I know I know, I'll be careful.  I wasn't even rushing or doing anything.  Just turned to help Hailey, and down I went, happened very fast!

I will figure out how to get more pictures and maybe even a video of the kids up.  We packed our desk and I don't know where cords are but I'll figure something out.  Maybe we can even get outdoor pictures!  Who knows.  It was finally nice yesterday, 65 and sunny, and now it's supposed to snow tonight....it's April 23 for goodness sake!    I'm done.  And wait, why are we moving to Michigan?
Old House. Close May 28.

New House! Close June 10!

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