Feb 13, 2013

Ice Follow Up! And general catch up...

The only picture we got with both kids in it. It was divide and keep alive time!

Hailey playing on the beach!

As far as my Dad, who had foot surgery, made it! He was glad to get out of the house.

Ben playing ON Lake Michigan.  Yes, that's Lake MI!

The south St. Joe pier head.

The North St. Joe light house.

A nice close up, of the north pier. Only Brian went this far!
As you can see, we ended up going to see the ice on Lake Michigan following the last post.  It wasn't too cold out!  Really!  My Dad jumped at the chance to come meet us.  He had his foot surgery January 8, and was non weight bearing for 4 weeks.  He healed well, and is now off the crutches, but was getting very stir crazy by this point.  Anyone who knows my Dad knows, he does not sit still well!

The ice was amazing!  It really was just surreal.  The kids went out to the end of the railing, I had many little heart attacks, then they went and sat in the van and watched a movie with Grandpa while Brian and I went out further.  The lake itself is frozen out just past the pier which actually is not that much compared to years past.  But the pier heads were spectacular!   The only problem was all the people out there!  We were trying to get pictures and there were all these people in the way!  When we were out there a couple years ago, there was no one.  I guess word got out.

The kids:
In general, everyone WAS healthy.  Other than a very brief, but violent bout with the stomach flu I had in December, everyone has been relatively healthy.  Until this week.  Hailey is fighting a little upper respiratory thing.  She started antibiotics yesterday, she's up coughing a lot at night, and super cranky during the day.  I hope I make it through this.  Ben and the rest of us are staying strong and I'm convinced it will stop with her!!!  Right?

Ben: 4 years, 2months.  He's amazing.  He's really starting to test his negotiation skills.  And our patience.  Really just around bed time.  His new favorite saying is: "Mom, Dad, here's the new deal."  Other than that, he's still our good guy.  It is working for naps, we're down to a nap every other day or so... Oh well.

 We're finally learning that Mom is happier if you SIT and eat your meals.  He's even reminding kids on our play dates of "the rule" to sit while at the table.  Anyone who has tried to sit and eat with my kids knows how big this is!  Meals are becoming less stressful all the way around. 

He continues to be in love with school and is making all sorts of friends.  He's very big on practicing his letters. He can now write his "short name" (Ben), and his "long name" (Benjamin) all on his own!!  We're working on the last name and he can do it with us telling him the letters.  Very smart!  His letter recognition is also improving!  He has almost the whole alphabet down!!

I think we just had a growth spurt with both kids, but Ben especially is suddenly tall and very skinny!  All is shirts are a bit short on the waist and arms.  He had a school tea party last week (hope to get video up soon of his dance) and he ended up standing with the Butterflies (the 5yr olds) and was taller than most of them!  His Bear class (the 3>4 year olds) was on the other side.  He was definitely one of the most animated of both classes!

Hailey: 20months, 2 weeks.  Hailey continues to try to keep up with her big brother.  This is...well...fun for me. The thing is, this girl can hold her own!

 Her words are getting MUCH better.  Her language is really exploding now!  I hear her talking to her dolls in her room and she's so sweet.  She got a stroller and a bed for her dolls for Christmas and loves pretending to put them "night night."  She kisses them so sweetly before putting them down and covering them up.  She likes to sleep with her dolls at night and just hugs them tight and pats their backs saying "Ove oooh,"  which is her "love you."  Pretend play is big with her now.  Tea party is our other new favorite.  She puts out all our cups and saucers, "fills" them up and drinks up with "Aaaahhh" at the end! 

Favorite Ben story:  We went to get his 4 year old vaccinations a couple weeks ago.  The nurse came in and said to me "Does he know why he's here."  "Yes" I said.  I always prepare my kids for what's coming.  Ben knew.  Here's how it played out:

Nurse to Ben: "You know you're going to get 4 shots?!"
Ben: "Yup" and lays down on the table.  I grab his hands.  The nurse gives the first two in his left leg very quickly.
Ben to me: "Mom, stop holding my hands so tight!"
Me: "Oh, ok." And ease up.  The nurse gives the other two in the right leg.
Nurse to Ben: "WOW! That was amazing!  No ouch or anything?"
Ben, very matter of factly: "No, it just itched a little.  I'm a superhero."

The nurse literally gathered others in the hallway as we walked out to see the 4 year old that didn't even wince when he got his shots!

Favorite Hailey story: She enjoys pulling my pants down.  I know, maybe inappropriate for this, but truly, this is a cute problem.  It's generally while I'm prepping meals in kitchen.  She'll come in, grab on for a hug while I'm elbow deep in a meatloaf, and just slide down.  I swear she knows I'm defenseless. Maybe I should wear less sweatpants around the house..  Love that girl!

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