Mar 30, 2013

Remember when we had time?

Ben thinks it's funny.  Hailey was less than cooperative.
I don't!  It sure has been busy around here!  A couple big announcements...uh umm..

1.  Yes, it is true.  The rumors are true.  We are doubling our child count.  Currently, I am 12 weeks 5days pregnant with TWINS!  Shocking about sums it up!  No, twins do not run in either family, no we did not use fertility drugs, and NO I am not over the age of 35 when the chance of twins goes up (close, but I am NOT over 35).  So, we can only say it's just a miracle!

Being pregnant with twins so far:
HARD!  I don't like to complain here, and I really was hoping to "enjoy" being pregnant one last time, but let me tell you, being pregnant with twins is a whole new ball game.  I have never been sicker.  I spent 2 plus months barely getting through each day.  I am exhausted.  I would like to just lay down in my bed with a book, and sleep...a lot.  Two problems with that, though.  Their names are Benjamin and Hailey.  They really have been great but they are just 4 and 22 months.  So, they sort of need attention.  Like ALL the time.  So, we do the best we can.  I'm starting to feel less sick and more hungry, but the fatigue has not really subsided much.  I just try to rest when I can.

The other issue with being preggors with 2 at a time:  SIZE!  Despite losing about 5lbs the first couple of months, and still being down 1lb from my starting weight, I have more than what you would call a "baby bump!"  I look about as big in the gut as I was with the other 2 at about 5-6months pregnant.  There's no more hiding it!  So, now I'm just hoping I can feel better and "enjoy" being pregnant before I get too big. I'm going to be big.

2. We ARE moving!  Yes, because we didn't have enough to do, we decided to quit our jobs, Brian get a new one and move 3 states away!  No really, Brian accepted a new position in Lansing, MI!  His job search got a little pep in it's step when we thought we were just having one, but as luck would have it, he was offered this job the morning after we found out there were 2 more Bishops coming!  We're nervous to leave Oak Forest only because of the fact that we have this house thing that didn't really do too well over the last 4 years.  But, bottom line is we can't stay with our current positions and pay the bills.  So, time to take a chance!

To answer some questions:
* Brian starts April 22.
* He is staying in an extended stay, and we'll travel back and forth on the weekends.
* The kids and I will be staying here for a while to sell this house, keep Ben at the school he loves, and me finish up my work.
* No, we do not have a house in Lansing yet, we need to sell this thing first
* No, I don't know how/when myself and the kids will be joining him.  Either when the house sells, or we decide we just need to go rent something to get us back together before 2 more people come out of me.
* No, I will not be "working" in Lansing.  I put that in quotes because I will be caring for 4 people under 5 years old.  I think a day at the office sounds like a picnic at this point.  I may decide to get a part time job again when some of these kids get a little a year from now.
* And we still don't think we want to know the genders of the babies, but don't hold us to that...

So, was that enough going on? Hope so because I can't take much else!

The kids are all doing great!  We're finally having some nicer weather and they are at the park running out some much needed energy right now with their Dad.  I tried, but needed to come back and feed.  I'm like a baby right now, you need to feed me a little bit every 2-3hours or I start to cry. I'm sort of being serious..

Oh yeah, the other thing about being pregnant with twins is I cry all the time right now.  Or wait, maybe it's the twins and quitting my job I love (I have one more month), selling our house, moving 3.5hours away, and needing to buy another house all before end of September?  Nah, I'll blame the twin thing!

Happy Easter everybody!
Patti, Brian, Ben, Hailey, Abby, ?, and ?!

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