Jul 30, 2009

Time for an update!

Sorry it's been a while. This will be brief. It's been a busy 2 weeks. Just after the last post Ben got pretty sick. We're not quite sure with what. He just had a high fever, crabby, and sleepy for 4 or 5 days. Allison got to experience some of this. He was running a fever of 104 for a day, then 102-103 for the next 3 days. So, lots of medicine. Up every 3 hours to medicate. All that.

We no sooner got him better and my Mom and little sister came to stay for 5 days. They were doing a seminar for dance downtown. It was fun having them here. We spent the evenings making dinner and playing cards. They loved spending that time with Ben.

The same day they left, I left with Ben to go to the cottage for the weekend. Ben and I spent the weekend with Lenore, Skip, Stephanie, Lianna, Devin, Meghan, Morgan, and Blake. It was a full house. So much fun! Not a lot of sleep. You know how us sisters are when we get together.

I got back Sunday night. Went to work Monday. By Tuesday I was not feeling great. I then got sicker than I have gotten in a long time. I had a 103 fever, body aches, headaches, the whole package. Today, I'm just starting to feel normal.

Whew! Maybe getting back to normal?!

Ben update: He's getting big! So cute. Still a wonderful baby. As you can see, he's sitting up great. The big issues now are that he is finally popping through some teeth which is making him kinda cranky. He's also slam in the middle of the separation anxiety. He wants Mommy ALL THE TIME! If I dare walk out of the room, it's messy. Actually, if I dare turn my back on him, we see crabby face. Panic ensues! I hear this is just a phase.

Jul 13, 2009

The Bishops Were Here

Two out of three Bishops left this morning after a weekend of fun in the sun. Ben is SO exhausted! He slept 13hours last night, took a 2 hour nap this morning and has now been asleep for the last 20minutes. He has been traveling all over, though! Barry, Karen, and Allison got in on Wednesday night. On Thursday we spent the day around Oak Forest, shopping, going out to lunch, and then just playing with Ben. Friday we went downtown, Chitown! It was a little rainy at first but cleared up into a beautiful day. We walked around, went out to lunch, walked to Navy Pier where we spent quite a bit of time. We all went on a boat ride out in the harbor to look at the sky line. Then took the Trolley back up to our car. We tried going to a Chicago Pizza place, but the 2hour wait was a little much for all of us. So we picked up some Gino's Pizza takeout on the way home. Saturday we sent Allison off to fend for herself in the city and the rest of us headed to St. Joe for a little visit with my folks. We went for a boat ride then enjoyed a little Polish Festival for dinner. It was so much fun!

On Sunday, we sent Brian and Barry to the Cubs game which they thoroughly enjoyed, and Karen, me and Ben enjoyed a day of shopping. Ben was SO TIRED by then and I was that lady in the store with the screaming child! He had a little bit of a breakdown in the Baby Gap.

This morning was sad watching them go. But Ben has been asleep ever since. I hope to get a couple videos up today and then some pictures up very soon!

Jul 1, 2009

I had to have my kid's head examined!

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That's a little message from Ben. He loves banging around on the keyboard! He is definitely a boy who prefers gadgets. He can be surrounded by all sorts of toys and all he wants is the remote, the laptop, the cell phone, or something like that.

Now down to business. Ben's head is fine. We had our appointment with the neurosurgeon this morning per our pediatrician's request. They measured his head and asked all sorts of questions and he assured me that Ben's head is fine . It is not that bad. He is "99% certain" that it is nothing and the shape will resolve. He wants to see Ben again in August just to make sure but said not to worry.

I felt so strange there. We had to go to Hope Children's Hospital for the appointment. We arrived and there were so many children in helmets! And so many that were clearly developmentally delayed. I felt so sorry for all of them. Then I worried. Are people looking at me that way? Are they thinking "look at that poor child and his head. If only he had a better mother." I never thought his head was that bad, but maybe I was blinded by love?!! Thank goodness the neurologist agreed that my doctor overreacted and assured me that I am not blinded by love, his head is fine and there is no need for action right now.

Other than that, everything is great here. Ben is hysterical. He's laughing more and more. He's really getting the hang of sitting up on his own to play with all his toys. He's also pulling himself around like an army crawl to get to whatever toy he wants.

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