Jan 24, 2013


Had to share this picture.  And this may lure me there.  This is a picture of the St Joseph, MI light house.  Do you remember all those summer pictures of us on my Dad's boat, warm, sunny, bathing suits?  Well, this is the same place!  It's been cold here.  The winter was off to a slow start, but is starting to pick up steam!  Or ice, it's starting to pick up ice!  We've had temps that are highs of 1deg (feels like -15), staying steady around 10deg (feels like 0) all week.  You don't want to know what the lows have been.

Not much snow, although only we can say that.  Talked to my parents this morning and they got 17inches in 2 days thanks to being to the east of Lake Michigan, the lake effect snow machine.  We have less than an inch, total, for the whole winter.  I wouldn't mind seeing a pretty blanket of snow as long as it's this cold and we can't go out anyway!  Instead, I have Ben asking for a walk everyday and me trying to find a way to entertain them some other way!

My goal:  take  more videos and pics of my kids in the next week and post!

St. Joe, MI 2013

2013-01-24 11.44.40.jpgThis is Hailey this morning.  This is about the most "play" we've gotten in the snow.  She's never really gotten to!  Well, she did some sledding last winter but was 6months old.

Another image of how cold it is.  This is a warehouse fire in Chicago yesterday.  According to the news this morning, it is still on fire, though covered with ice.  It's literally too cold to fight a fire!  They are now having trouble getting through the ice to appropriately fight the fire, and the water is freezing before it's able to reach the flames so they're not getting the proper aim/power.  Crazy!
 Chicago firefighters return to the scene of a warehouse house on South Ashland Avenue in Chicago. A fire that smoldered for hours into Wednesday afternoon rekindled Thursday morning, almost a day and a half after prompting the largest fire department response in years. Chicago Fire Department Spokeswoman Meg Ahlheim said the department expects fires of that magnitude to rekindle.

Jan 22, 2013

Christmas Redux - Points in Time

Okay - I've done the whole Xmas recap thing before (still gets random Google hits, to this day).

Now, let's look at Christmas as a series of points in time. These are the points which will stay with you (or at least me) for quite some time...even after the missed flight and hours of driving fade away.

Back porch of the beach house. Emerald Isle, NC.

It was cold - but not Chicago in January cold. Warm enough to put on a sweater and stare out at the dolphins. We made a few bloody mary's, poured a glass (or two) of wine. Patti, my sister Allison, my dad, Ben and I were just talking. I remember this because of the fun we always have talking. Patti was loving the relaxation, as were we all. I was playing everyone's cabana boy and fixing drinks and blocking the sun with my big head. I was even asked to drag chairs to the right a bit so the shadow would hit in the perfect spot. Ben and Dad struck up conversation... as usual. The beach, seashells, peanuts, you know...the usual. Knock knock jokes were the hit of the afternoon. However, Ben was unusually emotive, as you can see by the pictures below.

I think this might be in the top 10 list of Christmas highlights - maybe tops. I'll be more sure later when more pictures come.

- Brian

PS - Knock knock. Who's there. Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who's there. Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who's there. Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who's there. Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana!

PPS - Hailey was sleeping. She sleeps alot.

PPPS - Mom was sleeping. She sleeps alot (haha).

Jan 21, 2013

10,000 Hits!

Okay, in 2011 Google got 4,717,000,000 hits per day. Facebook? Somewhere in 2010, they surpassed 100 billion hits per day.

Major League Bishop? We just passed 10,000! Hits. Per. 5 years. We're on track.

So over the past 5 years, we've written 298 posts. 10,000 hits gives us.....ummm, you do the math.

But I'm excited. So excited that I want to give back. Get ready for PICTURES!

I'm excited.
Ben's excited.
Hailey's excited.

Patti's ummmmmm.....

Get ready for more!

- Brian

Hailey Slideshow

Slideshow for you!