Jan 30, 2011

Flipping Out.

This video is another piece of evidence that we are truly losing our minds up here in the cold. It actually hasn't been as cold, but there is between 1.5 and 2 feet of snow predicted over the next 3 days. Temperatures have remained stable around 30. So, Ben and I have played outside a little bit, but for the most part we need to find ways to get rid of energy indoors. He continues to be all boy, and has taught himself how to do somersaults. He's pretty good at them actually!!!

Ben is continuing to talk more and more and it's getting funnier and funnier. He's getting very good at pleasantries, for example this morning when Brian woke up and walked into the kitchen Ben says "Good morning Daddy. How'd sleep?" Too cute.

He has regressed a little as far as counting so we're working on that. He now counts like this "One, two, fee, fooour, nine, fooour, nine, nine, nine." If you count with him he gets it. In his defense, I never realized how five and nine can sound so much alike!

Baby number 2 update: A regular doctor's appointment yesterday went well. No issues. Ben and Brian got to come and hear the heartbeat! When asked if he wants a little brother or sister, Ben continues to deny either. If pressed, he thinks it's a brother. If asked if we should have a baby, he simply states "umm, nope."

Boy vs Girl: we find out in three days! As said, Ben thinks boy. Brian seems to think it's another boy. I was leaning boy, but now am getting some girl vibes....maybe. Work seems to be split down the middle. My sisters are feeling it's time for another girl as we've had a couple boys in a row now. The grandkids in my family are split even with 3 girls and 3 boys right now.

So, Brian and I went to the experts!!! We took a quiz online last night. It asked very scientific questions like "When you show your hands to someone do you go palm up or palm down." After tabulating our responses it stated a 17% chance of boy, and 83% chance of girl. So, there you go. No need for the ultrasound, because I don't want orange juice, had morning sickness, and my mother's hair is not gray (whether dyed or not), it is clearly a girl!

Heart rate: yesterday at about 21 weeks pregnant, the heart rate was 154 beats per minute (BPM). Ben's at the comparable stage was 146bpm. This child has been about 10-20bpm higher than Ben. Although, I am on one more medication for my breathing that may be to blame. Still a mystery!!

We seriously do NOT care. I am getting very excited to see him or her and know that all is ok. Considering the acrobatics that is going on in my belly, I continue to worry less and less knowing he or she MUST be healthy!

Jan 27, 2011

For Liam

I got up this morning, thinking I would have a cup of coffee, relax a little and continue to get over this cold. Maybe post another silly video. I got online and got this news. I felt compelled to share it here. If you feel compelled to help, it would be a wonderful thing for so many children.

Brian and I dedicate this website to sharing silly stories, clips of videos of our lives, pictures of our babies. We have been blessed with a healthy two year old, and a pretty smooth pregnancy so far in hopes of a healthy second child. We are extremely lucky.

I went to middle and high school with Amber Witt Pedersen. This past Monday, Amber lost her 6 year old nephew to neuroblastoma after a 3 year battle. This can happen to anyone. Please pray for this family and hug your kids.

For more information you can visit Liam's blog below.


Jan 24, 2011

Winter Blues

The winter blues have hit. We are getting stir crazy. Our high temperature the other day was 9degrees! That was the HIGH! With wind chill it felt like -20 outside. We are done! Ben is finding ways to get energy out. So, yes, we let him ride his SUV inside. He knows to close the gate first which is cute. We then pretend we're outside and ride like crazy! We're trying to get creative here!

So, enjoy this video, it's about as exciting as things are getting here. Other than Ben wanting to use the potty chair more and more! We're encouraging it and letting it run it's course! Yesterday he went on the potty twice! He's so excited when he does it!

Oh, and yes, I'm home from work on a Monday. I'm fighting a killer cold. Ben and Brian are good so far (knock on wood). Me, not so much. So, today I have called in sick, Ben went to the babysitter and I'm home resting. I called my doctor this morning and I'm doing everything I can, which is liquids, rest, Vick's, Tylenol. That's about it. It's VERY strange being home alone. I think I've been in this house once without Ben since he's been born, so very strange. I reminded myself I can turn the tv up as loud as I wanted, because it's not that Ben was sleeping, he's just not here! I'm glad he's off having fun today, I can just rest and try to get better so I can take better care of him. I HATE using sick days. HATE IT! I only work three days a week, and don't have much time for maternity leave so hate to do it, but it was for the best this time.

Baby number 2 is handling it well. Kicking and moving a lot. I've had sore tummy muscles, but the doctor agreed that was likely from sneezing and coughing. So, no worries! And...9days till the next ultrasound!!!! Can't wait to see him or her again!!!!

Hope everyone else is healthy and happy!

Jan 20, 2011

Santa on the Ceiling!

Let me explain this video. Ben discovered a small flashlight that was a stocking stuffer from Grandma Bishop that when you shine it, it reflects an image of Santa! He desparately wanted to take it to bed with him that first night he discovered it. He laid there for about an hour flashing it around his room. We weren't able to catch it on video, but he every once in a while you would hear him say "Pretty Santa!" So cute! He eventually just fell asleep clutching the flashlight.

He's talking more and more and making more and more sense. Putting sentences together very well! I'm trying to make his room his play room rather than the living rooms, but he's pretty strong and persistent, so he just carries all his toys back out. He will sit at his table and read everyday still, sometimes to his bears, sometimes just to himself. Sometimes he'll read to me, 12 books in one sitting on average!

Baby Number2 update: Not much to say other than growing, still kicking up a storm! Ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure all is alright! Of course to find out a gender, too!

Hope all is well! Hopefully more pictures and videos to come this weekend!

Jan 9, 2011


A peaceful weekend at home! Some updates: Ben is doing great! Some things he's picked up recently include opening doors. I know this seems like something that should have happened a while ago, but we haven't pushed the idea and really liked that he had no interest in opening doors as we could just shut off areas that we didn't want him in. He had figured out lever handles about a year ago, but round ones, he just didn't pursue. So, that's over.

Manipulation: He's starting to master it. The big one that he has aced since Christmas is the "I poopy" line. He's learned this will get him away from a dinner table that includes a food item he's trying to avoid eating, if you're not playing the game he wants and he's trying to distract you, things like that. He's generally not poopy at all.

Potty Training: As most of us know, he's had a couple successful voidings on the commode. He continues to ask to sit on the potty but is struggling a bit. He'll get it. He's just barely 2. He is also learning how to use this to his advantage! If I'm doing something other than paying attention to him, he suddenly needs to use the potty! Too cute, though!

All in all, we're having a ton of fun!

Baby Number 2 update: as of today I am 18 weeks pregnant. Feeling better. Continue with headaches but what can you do. I've got a bit of a baby bump suddenly! And really starting to feel movement. I've been feeling fluttering for a couple weeks now. Starting yesterday, there were kicks big enough that even Brian could feel! It was pretty neat! We have our next ultrasound in about 3 weeks at which point we should find out if it's a boy or a girl. Every day I get a different sense, so I'm trying not to speculate. Of course we will tell as soon as we know. But just to warn, we do think we will keep the name a secret again. We haven't really started discussing names. Brian and I can't name a kid until we know a gender. When Ben is asked he generally says something like "Monkey," or "Oso" (who is a Disney Channel character) so I don't think Ben will be naming this one. Anyway, keeping the name a secret seemed to work with Ben. When you tell someone a name you're thinking while still pregnant, they generally give you a lot of opinions. When you tell someone the name of a new baby, the just ooooh and awe.

Jan 3, 2011

More Christmas, 2010

Here are a couple videos from our Christmas day! Ben got new boots and a sled from Santa! HE LOVED THEM!!! He also enjoyed helping Dad shovel the driveway (Dad's hoping this passion continues!).

Brian did a nice job of summing up our Christmas Vacation. We did also get to spend the day after Christmas with the Huling family which was also fun and exciting! I did gather from his last sentence he was relying on me to put some actual pictures and videos up. So, here you go and enjoy!

Ben and Blake playing piano.

Abby and Donnie enjoyed the festivities, too!

Grandpa Bishop got Ben all set up!


Ben and Great Grandpa Pop watching Finding Nemo!

"Wide bike!!!" And yes, he says ride like wide!

He sat on the bear's lap which seemed promising...

But, this is the closest he got to Santa's lap! He did give Santa a hug, though!

Great Grandma Shirley's Christmas! Ben helped everyone open their presents. They said it was cute, anyway...

Jan 1, 2011

National Bishop’s Christmas Vacation – Road Trip Style

It’s sad, I know. Holiday Season 2010 / 2011 is almost over. A few more bowl games today, maybe a beer or two, and we’ll all just have to wait for MLK Day or President’s Day or something like that. And you know that these will never compare to the fun and excitement had during the Bishop’s Christmas Vacation.

December 17th, 2010 – Left work early to get a jump on the drive. The 12 hour drive! Loading the car up with snacks, energy drinks, and DVDs (for Ben) we left Oak Forest around 2pm and arrived in the good ol’ RVA around 3am. Exhausted, we three all collapsed to rest for the onslaught of cheer and good will toward men.

December 18th, 2010 – Shopping and resting. Enough said…

December 19th, 2010 – Happy National Macaroni and Cheese Day! We filed into Grandmother Shirl’s house for the annual Christmas Gathering and Gift Lottery. The Coors Lights were as cold as the lingering snow was slushy. The food was excellent as always. The company was at their best. However, I think he stole the show – whether we wanted him to or not. Patti and Karen were honored as having gone to college. The rest of us played a round of UVA / Tech red rover and the losers got to console themselves with college branded tissues.

The winners (fortunately) got tissues too. After a long day, we all returned home and crashed. Well, crashed after watching Hot Tub Time Machine – Karen’s favorite movie of all time. It’s true! Google it!

Morning, December 20th, 2010 – This may turn out to be the weirdest day of the entire trip. We wake up at the crack of dawn to drive down to the Richmond Children’s Museum to see the Legendary Santa. This is the “same” Santa that saw my father and me as children – so we pulled out all the stops and signed up for the special morning with Santa. Watch him come down the chimney in a private room and have an audience with the snow queen and the jolly ole’ man himself. Well, that was the plan until we realized that Richmond has one too many Children’s Museums. After driving around Richmond, we finally made it and were the VERY last people to go into see Santa. However, this was great!!! No line to stand in, no people pushing us from behind. Ben LOVED having the run of the place and took advantage of the situation. It turned out to be a wonderful morning. Then we had a pancake breakfast with the Harlem Globetrotters. Maybe next time you go to the Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House on Broad, you’ll see them too. It was a Christmas MIRACLE!

Evening, December 20th, 2010 – What says Christmas better than spaghetti and pie? Nothing that I know! Pop, Betty, Jane and Chris all came over to Casa de Bishop for a gift giving extravaganza and italiano dinner. Pop and Ben immediately bonded over some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Salsa, wine, books, and bird feeders were the gifts du jour. Everyone had a great time, and probably too much wine.

December 21st, 2010 – Bishop Family Christmas 2010

After a day of prep for the chaos that was to follow, we all settled down for a long winter’s nap. No, what am I saying?!? We opened PRESENTS! Evan and Allison, Patti and me, Barry and Karen – we ripped through that paper like it was – well – like it was wrapping our presents. The evening even had its own 80’s flashback, but this one didn’t involve a hot tub. THE Bo Jackson made a Christmas wish come true and Allison got her very own signed football. Her collection is now complete. Finally.

December 22nd, 2010 – Airington Family Christmas 2010 – And the Chaos that was Christmas began. And what a wonderful Chaos it was. Nineteen – yes, nineteen – people crowded into 14621 West Salisbury for a night of chowder, white elephants, and the Drink. You knew it was going to be quite a night when Allison and I were sent to the store for pomegranate juice, cigars, and Chaser.

Well, there was a 20th person at the party. His name was Jack. Whoever this Jack fellow was, he seemed to find his way into a few of the presents. And wherever Jack went, hilarity ensued. Bud and Stella were not far behind though. Everyone had a great time – Thing-a-ma-sings, Lenker honey, drinking dart games, and a tire pressure gauge made the evening special. How could they not?

December 23rd, 2010 – The aftermath was better than expected. As the hangers on (and hangers over) straggled in to house, the smells of breakfast pizza brought everyone to life. And as for every day this vacation, more presents were opened. Ben made off like a bandit – shape sorters, farm playlands, monkey stackers, cars galore, and clothes – glorious clothes that actually fit! It was almost too much to stuff in our SUV. Well, everyone finally filtered out of the house to go back whence they came. And so did we, pulling out of the driveway around 1pm. The drive back was good – minus the brief flurries in West Virginia. It was good to drive up Afton Mountain again and by Exit 118B. I didn’t miss the small town Ohio that the GPS diverts us through. We made it back to Oak Forest by midnight and once again crashed. I think it was fitting that the trip began and ended with us crashing.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Holidays everyone!

More to come….including VIDEO!

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