Apr 23, 2010

Movie Night

We decided to have a little movie night tonight. Ben is still getting over his "cold." And by cold I mean sore throat (strep never diagnosed), conjunctivitis, pneumonia, and ear infection. Then there is Mom and Dad who are not sick (knock on wood), but who are trying to take care of ourselves so as to make sure we don't get the above mentioned. So, I decided to put on the movie Bolt. None of us had seen it. Brian was ENTHRALLED! You couldn't tear him away. Ben was playing about the room at first, then started to chill in. But Abby!! Oh, Abby! She hasn't been this into a movie since 8 Below! She just laid there and stared for a solid 20 minutes, possibly longer! You could have told her a squirrel was eating her rawhide and she would have held her ground in front of that tv!

Thought these videos (mostly of Abby this time, a little of Ben) were cute! The first you can hear Ben being a little pistol, but then see how he settles into his chair for some movie time. Nothing much else to report. Just all are on the mend!

Happy weekend!

Apr 20, 2010

The Sick House

We're on to another day of sick Ben. He seems to be feeling better today, or shall I say in the last couple of hours. His fever is up and down, but we're keeping on it. We've been to the doctor yesterday and today. I thought I'd add a picture of the outcome of those doctors visits! Here are the various medications we have to give Ben throughout the day AND NIGHT! Anyone with a kid recognizes this picture, I'm sure. I thought I would add the top picture for fun! When we woke up this morning Ben had a fever of 104.1! Although we had a doctor's appointment at 10am (and this was at 8:45) I called. They said throw him in the tub, sponge him down then put him in a t-shirt and diaper only. The picture was after the doctors appointment and his fever was again down to 102 and he was acting more like himself. He was incredibly cute running around with his little legs I just had to take a picture of him!

Don't worry, he's on the mend, we're on it. He's got his medicine and his Mom, Dad, and Abby.

Apr 18, 2010

Some Major Firsts Going on Here! Not all necessarily good!

I have a few brief moments here and thought I'd share a few first we've had just over the past 3 days.

The first and most haunting, and one I thought I'd leave to myself, but then you know me, I had to share, is that we had our first poopy in the bathtub experience. Actually not bad for having a 16month old I guess! But still, I was horrified. Ben didn't seem to notice. I luckily knew when it was happening and we got the heck out of dodge. Had to happen at some point I suppose. Took me most of the night to scrub that tub and EVERY LAST TOY! I was tempted to just throw them out and start over!

So that was Friday night. Then I left Ben for the first time Saturday for an overnight-er to see my sister dance in the quad cities. A lovely performance and my other sister, Lenore, and I actually got some time at the Black Jack tables after the show. Super classy, I know. But I came out about even and Lenore, well let's just say she did quite well. Our Uncle Rick even came along for the voyage and he sat and played with us a bit. So, a nice overnight-er, but I would have gotten more sleep at home with my 16month old.

The third first is shown in one of these videos. Tonight, hours after my return, Ben figured out the child safety latch as we tape! Yes, you see the actual moment here! I was actually trying to capture the cute way he throws his arms up in the "I dunno" fashion. You can see that a little in the video before he unlocks the gate atop our stairs. Now yes, we also realize he has a pacifier in his mouth. He is getting better with this. We generally only let him have it when it's nap or bed time. He does just fine with it, except for today. You see, Ben is not feeling well. We don't know what the problem is, but he was running a fever as high as 103.3 when I checked it a few hours ago. I talked to the doctor and after following her advice he is now down to 100.2 and clearly feeling better. The doctor just said there are a lot of viruses going around right now and told me what to look out for and keep up the Tylenol/Motrin switch off throughout the night, so we're in for another night without much sleep. She did say even to wake him to keep it up over the next day or so. But, I'm glad to see he's already doing better. But a pacifier here or there is warranted, I think. This also may explain the late wake up time this morning (see Brian post below), and many many naps in the last 48-72 hours. Likely a doctor visit tomorrow.

That's it for now. More to come now that I'm on my part time schedule again. Oh, and yes, Ben has again decided to get sick the day before I work one of my three days this week! These kids never get sick on your days off do they?!

Wakeup timestamp? 9:43am!!!

Apr 16, 2010

16 Months Old!

I can't believe that Benjamin is sixteen months old! He is getting so big and so grown up! Right before my eyes he's turning into a kid, no longer a baby. He's talking up a storm. He's starting to order Abby around quite a bit, which is cute and Abby IS NOT that receptive to.

I've enjoyed the last couple days as I am part time again. We've been trying to get this house back in order and still just play as much as we can. I think both me and Ben are pretty worn out. He's been napping a lot and I have found myself actually lying down when he does! He just continues to be such a good sleeper for us.

Now, I've only got a few minutes as I need to continue on my cleaning mission, but I don't want to forget one very important event. Tomorrow our OTHER child turns six! Yes, Abby will be six years old! Ben and I went to the store this morning to get her her birthday present and we'll have to spoil her rotten tomorrow!

I am then leaving on a little road trip. I'm going to Iowa with my Mom, sister, niece Meghan, and Uncle Rick to see my sister dance. It will be my first night away from Ben EVER! I'm a little nervous. He will be in very capable hands (his fathers), so I need to just relax!

A couple of videos from this week. Of course these were taken right after Ben was driving his Powerwheels all over the yard by himself. But, true to form, he was camera shy!

Apr 11, 2010

Around 7:45pm tonight, Ben started pulling at his blanket. Brian asked him: "Ben, are you tired? Do you want to go to bed?" So, Ben picked up his blanket, walked to the stairs and waved to both of us. We thought, let's give it a try! We kissed him, put him in his bed and he went to sleep! Now, granted, he's an easy kid to get to sleep and lately it's taken a few minutes of cuddling and he's asleep by 8, usually in his bed, but this was a first! So cute, and I REALLY MISSED CUDDLING HIM THOSE FEW MINUTES!

We got some cute video tonight but are having trouble with our uploading. We'll get it up there!

Night night!

Apr 1, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is FINALLY here in Chicago! We have been outside constantly! Sorry for lack of blog. It seems we've been keeping busy lately. I have been working a ton. I am happy to report that after next week I will be back to my THREE DAYS A WEEK! The fact that the other day I had to pry Ben out of his babysitter's arm's was a little depressing to me. Anyway, back to spring. As soon as Ben and I get home we are eating dinner then back outside. We either play out back or head to the playground. He is definitely an outdoor boy! He cries and cries when it's time to come back in, but then generally falls asleep immediately as it's usually close to bedtime.

And I wasn't lying about prying him out of Mrs. Mary's arms! That really happened this past Monday! She claims it happens a lot, and generally this time of year because she has the kids outside playing all day long. I still was massively depressed for the bulk of this week.

Ben is growing so fast! He's really starting to talk a lot. And his sign language skills are amazing! But listening to him talk will just melt your heart. He can say "cookie," "Niko" (which is his babysitter's dog...of course), "home," and a few additional new ones. He's also just babbling on and on as if he completely understands what he is saying and so should you!

Those molars, and yes FOUR of them, have completely broken through making him a happier Ben again. His teeth count is 12 now. Amazing! Sleep is his new best friend and I can't complain. He still tends to be in bed by 8 and we're putting him down even if he's not asleep and he's perfectly content with that. Usually he puts himself to sleep within minutes. Then sleeps until we wake him to go to the babysitters. He tends to sleep until about 7 if uninterrupted. Last Friday he made it until 8:30 which I kept checking his breathing and then ultimately had to wake him because I had a doctor's appointment! Such a good kid!

Enjoy the videos of us enjoying the great outdoors tonight! It was 80degrees out! Ben so desperately wanted to throw the ball for Abby, and she so quickly gave up on him!

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