Feb 26, 2012

Tent Time!

Feb 24, 2012


So, Ben has an imaginary friend and he's really starting to freak us out. Or maybe, we've seen too many horror movies and this is just a healthy thing. But, Aiden, has come into our lives. He doesn't live here...he lives in the dirt (freaky!!!), and him and Ben play a lot together. This morning, Ben was building a castle out of leggos, Aiden told him to so he didn't have to live in the dirt anymore. Horror movie makings? Brian even looked up to see if anyone by the name of Aiden lived (and possibly died) in this house. We found nothing. We'll see where this takes us.
Other than that, everyone is doing amazingly well! All healthy and happy! Hailey, as you can see, is really starting to imitate things. All the sudden yesterday I noticed she was wanting to do the hokey pokey! Sad thing was it got funnier but I ran out of memory. Time to clean out the camera. This morning as I watched it back she started shaking it all about again and just smiling away!

Feb 18, 2012

Laser dog is not amused.

That is all.

Feb 16, 2012

Do you remember the days...

Do you remember the days when you got the flu, and that meant staying home from work/school, drinking juice, eating soup, watching movies all day, going to bed early, sleeping for hours and hours and hours and hours....

I do.

Those days are gone. Long gone. We didn't watch a single (grown up) movie!!!

Maybe we'll see them again, but for now, being sick means all four of us getting sick. The kids being crabby, snotty, doctors appointments, Brian being crabby, me being crabby, antibiotics, probiotics, Infant Advil, Childrens Advil, forcing down fluids on everybody. Brian and I literally got into a fight over Nyquil!!! Mainly because he was taking it!!! We look back and laugh already. But anyway, the Bishop 4 are all doing better. Ben finished his round of antibiotics yesterday, Hailey today, and mine is done on Friday. We're all feeling better and sleeping better!

I thought I'd add some video from the Superbowl. This was our party! My parents came with their dogs Maddie and Millie. Remember Millie is completely deaf! She is such a good dog! We had a ball! Her and Ben were like best friends. Ben took that very seriously. He even let her nap on his lap, and didn't move for like half an hour because he didn't want to wake her. Very sweet! You can hear us calling to her in a couple videos! Oops! It's just so hard to avoid. We all learned signs that Millie is learning and Ben and I continue to practice for our next meeting.

Updates: Ben is in underwear all the time except sleepy time and doing great! He finally feels like going potty in your pants is "for babies, not big kids!" It's been so wonderful! In 2 weeks, we've had one day with accidents. Again, IT'S WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hailey: Oh my word is she changing fast all the sudden! She is working on tooth #4 and starting to handle it better. She had a tooth come through last week that literally caused her gums to bleed for a day! True to Hailey form, she just does everything at lightening speed! She has since the beginning!

Crawling is a piece of cake and she has learned to speed up when you are en route to retrieve something she's not supposed to have before she gets it. She knows... This week she has also perfected going from crawling to sitting up which is my favorite thing! Makes her so independent!

Hailey has also learned how much fun it is to feed Abby. And Abby has learned where to sit at meals now. Hailey gets a handful of Puffs and reaches over the edge of her high chair, then looks to see if I am watching, then releases, laughing the whole time. Stinker.

Sleeping: Getting better now that illness is wearing off. She had double ear infections, and bronchitis which equaled not being able to breath well, so up every few hours (remember previous comment of Brian taking Nyquil....uh huh!). We're back to up once a night, and the last 2 nights she's made it through the night. I'm hoping once the medicines are out of her system we'll be back to a routine.

Eating: Hailey is my eater!!! Ben=the same ole Ben. Hailey has eaten everything we have introduced to her! I was looking back at video of Ben at this age and the fit he threw when we tried to get him to eat any sort of veggie! He was obstinate back then! Hailey just takes it and eats it all! Haven't found anything yet that she won't eat.

Plans for the weekend. Unfortunately we have bad news. Brian and I will be going to a service on Saturday for a dear old friend. Mike Wannerton, our best boating buddy for 25 years+ and dear family friend passed away at home last weekend after a mercifully brief battle with cancer. My parents were there all along to help him and his wife. My Dad was even there the day before he passed and assured us all he wasn't feeling any pain. It's pretty sad. A woman I work with has agreed to watch Ben and Hailey so that we can go and just be. I have known Mike almost my whole life and adore the memories of all of us partying on the dock all night, anchoring and camping on the beach, and him teasing us all on our American ways (he's English).

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