Mar 27, 2011

Abby's First Day of School!

Ben in the tub tonight. That boy is so crazy!

Ben reading the paper! He's very serious about current events.

I only have a few minutes. Brian has been glued to the tv and has had full custody of the computer during this March Madness. I asked him if I could have the computer for a few minutes so I can pay some bills and put up an update!

So, things here are going well. Home renovations are nearing completion, just finishing touches. So excited! Now I can focus on what I want for the baby's room!

Ben is talking up a storm these days. Including talking back! In fact, today he wasn't real interested in a nap, I put him in there. He played for a while, then started yelling "MOOOMMMMEEEYYYY!!" After several minutes of this, I went in and he immediately says "Mommy, no nap. Out. Play!" So, we played! This generally means an early bedtime, so we'll see.

Potty training is going very well actually! He's initiating more and more, and going sometim
es the whole day without a wet pull up! I'm pretty excited about this!

Baby girl is growing big and moving well. We're really starting the name game (we're not telling). We do have it narrowed down to the top 7.

Other big news includes Abby's first day of school! Abby and I went yesterday for her first lesson in becoming a therapy assistant! She actually did better than I thought she would. She was very excited to see the other dogs and calming her down from that was the hardest part. She focused on me and the treats I was giving her, and really responded. We are workin
g on healing with distractions, grooming (so patients can brush her), and walking through hoops. Literally, walking through hoops. She was the oldest dog there and it seemed as though all the other dogs (there were 7 total) were doing something their owners were a little embarrassed about. Mine was her drooling! Abby responds very well to treats. So, to keep her attention on me and distracted fro
m the other dogs I kept giving her treats. Whenever she heard the plastic bag, she drooled like mad! Pavlov would be proud! We had a little puddle going on at our station by the end! I hope no one saw! The teachers were also impressed with Abby's ability to "Find the Treat!" Did we have any doubt? She advanced quickly through that task! (treats hidden under various size and color cups, the dogs then come and knock them down to "find the treat").

Here's another picture Ben took from his most recent photo shoot!

Abby on her way to her first day at school!

Abby after her first day of school! It was a LOT of stimulation!

Brian and Ben playing soccer this afternoon! Lot's of energy!

Mar 17, 2011

Ben likes taking pictures

We're still recovering here. The painting is (almost) done. Just some touch ups and putting fixtures back up and that sort of thing. This is the first day where I've been home and there isn't major work going on in my house. I'm barely able to move! Ben seems like he's had enough, too. He just keeps hugging me, cuddling up with me, and asked to go take his nap. Such a good kid.

Bottom line again:
We painted 4 rooms in 4 days. The kitchen, dining room, the hallway (by myself), and the baby's room. The baby's room is now a peach (not quite pink, but sort of I guess...) color. We just have to get the trim back up, get the poor girl some furniture and we'll all set! Thanks again so much to Lenore and Stephanie for all their hard work in the painting process!

Ken, my wonderful handyman, came today and finished up the toe kicks (which aren't in the picture but my kitchen's a mess right now, so just picture more white under the cabinets), and the transition/threshold from the kitchen to the dining room. Looks even nicer!

The other thing we discovered the other night is Ben LOVES to take pictures so I've decided to add those, even though they are less than flattering of me and Brian. Ben took this very seriously!

Now here are Ben's first photos. The first is him "posing" with Abby. His fake smile is pretty hilarious! The rest are all him behind the camera. Ok, there is the rug, a lot of fingers in the way, but he's learning!

Mar 11, 2011

Out with the old....

Taking a brief break here. It's been a busy week of tearing out the old kitchen floor, and putting in the new one. Plus Dad and Brian got to install a new microwave (yes, our microwave died, too...finally for the last time). Dad stayed for 6 days in order to get all this done and I must say I love our new kitchen floor!!!! Now, I still haven't decided what color to paint the walls!! The red just doesn't work anymore. You can see in the video of Ben painting, I have thrown a lot of samples on the wall! The sisters are currently on their way from Michigan to help paint, and I'm hoping they will have an opinion.

Like I said, Dad stayed with us for nearly a week! He worked his tail off! Got a ton done around this old house. In the evenings we all needed to unwind a bit, so Ben generally watched some cartoons and we played game after game of Rummikub. It was really a lot of fun.

I've been a painting fool!!! I even spent this afternoon painting the hallway! It's done! Ben helped...sort of. I have to say, the $1.97 that little sample paint roller cost was worth every penny. He had "Ben's wall." And I worked on "Mommy's wall." Then a 2 hour nap helped me finish up. I'm a little tired, but the hallway looks a lot better! So, I'm trying to rest now, because if my sisters are coming all the way from Michigan to help finish this, I better be on my A-game tomorrow!

Baby girl update: Getting bigger and bigger! I'm feeling...pregnant! As of Saturday I will be 27 weeks pregnant. That leaves one more week of the second trimester. All is good! She continues to be a mover and a shaker! Love it!

Mar 3, 2011

Trip to Richmond

I know, I'm really behind! You see, my dear husband said he would blog this time, so I thought I had a week off, but that's ok. I'm finally home, have a few minutes and thought I'd add a few videos and thoughts from our wonderful trip to Richmond!

We had an amazing time! Traveling went as well as it possibly could with a 2 year old and while nearly 6months pregnant. Ben loved the airplanes and was convinced he was on a spaceship. Pretty cute.

We had wonderful weather. Just looking at some of this video it's hard to believe we were outside without full gear! We played outside every day! Ben constantly asked where his jacket and gloves are, and he was baffled when I said he didn't need them. But, we're back to reality in Chicago where it's been cold ever since and he's back in the routine of getting geared up every day!

1. Seeing everyone! Ben got a lot of Grandma and Grandpa time, Aunt Allison really made an impression, he can't stop calling everyone Aunt Allison. And all dogs are either Donnie or Abby now!
2. Surprising Grandpa Bishop with news that he will be getting a new puppy! I continue to be thinking of girl names for their dog more so than the little girl joining our family in June. My latest favorites include Sadie, Sammie, and Molly (pretty common, I know). I'll keep'em coming!

3. Going to the firehouse! Thanks to cousin Jenny, Ben (and the rest of us) got the thrill of going to the firehouse and touring all the engines, trucks, and quarters! It was better than Disney World for us right now!
4. The weather!!!! Just the weather!!! Winter blues have hit even harder having to come back to the Chicago area. Boooo..

We've been busy since coming home. Back to work. Then this past weekend my Mother took myself and my little sister to see The Merry Widow, by the Joffrey Ballet downtown Chicago. LOVED IT!!! And thanks again Mom!!! And it was nice to spend some time with the girls! They spent the night and we visited until way too late.

I'll try to put some video up now, pictures soon. Right now I'm getting ready for my Dad to come for the weekend. He's helping us with some things around the house including putting in a new kitchen floor!!! Yeah! I'm then preparing my house for the rest of my sisters (and nieces and nephews) coming next weekend to help with painting the kitchen and baby's room (maybe even the hall if we get to it). I really roped them into this one and owe them big time!

Baby girl is doing great! Continues to be very active in there! I continue to feel better in some aspects (no more headaches, and a little more energy), but then feeling it in other areas (my ankles and feet hurt so bad by the end of my work day yesterday I didn't think I'd make it home!!). She's growing like a weed!

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