Jul 29, 2013

Summer pics: see below for update!

Richmond Zoo, June 5, 2013

Grandpa caught a bird!

Ben caught a bird!

Birthday girl!

She loved her cupcake tower!

Night 1 at the cottage. July 2013. Campfire with the Seelyes!

Water was walk in warm! Brian always looks thrilled...

Abby is always in heaven here!

We could not keep Ben out of the water! Or the puppies!

The twins first fire! And each got their own S'more.  Yes, I ate 2.

Twins, Hailey and Meghan ready for the beach!

Hailey LOVED the sand. Ben and Blake were surfing buddies!

Grandma Huling shared castle building strategies

Dad came for the weekend!

Getting caught up on pics.  Hoping to get more going. And maybe video.  I know.  We've had a great summer so far!  Look below for the griping update.  I hate how complain-y I sound, but just wanted to give an honest update!  We're still having fun, though!

30 week update

 Never thought I'd be the type to put the obligatory belly shot up.  And/or a picture of me in a bathing suit.  But this is something to document and remember.  I tried for the same shirt each time, but the cottage a couple weeks ago threw that!  Pregnancy is measured in weeks.  40 weeks is full term for single (or 10months), and for twins 36-37 weeks is considered full term (or 9months). 
12 weeks pregnant

16 weeks pregnant
20 weeks pregnant

24 weeks pregnant
28 weeks 3 days pregnant

Time for the "How crappy does Patti feel" blog!  I'll try to stick to the basics and just give the general update.

Very general update:  Everything here is going along just fine!  Everyone is healthy!  Everyone!  Healthy!  What I keep reminding myself of!  It's because they are healthy!

FYI: Twins are hard.  Or having 2 kids.  Or being this "old" and having all those at the same time.

But really, I'm sure word is spreading so I thought I'd write about what happened last week.  Patti (myself) landed in the hospital.  I was only in for about 16hours!  No biggy.  Having some pretty regular contractions that were on the painful side (not terribly, but enough to be like "what is this?!").  So, we thought better to be safe than sorry.  I'm putting some measurements in here just so 10years from now I can remember, no need to know what all this means.

When I arrived, I was 0cm dilated, 20%effaced which is good.  They checked my FFN which is a protein to predict labor and it was negaive (VERY good).  But the contractions continued so they monitored me.  A couple hours later I was checked and was at 1cm and 70% effaced which means I was "progressing", but just a little.  So, they wanted to keep me.  They gave me a quite painful shot of steroids to help the babies' lungs mature "just in case."  They also did an ultrasound to look at how their lungs looked and both were moving fluid very nicely (practice breathing).  I also got some fluids.  The contractions continued but I never progressed any further and just needed to wait 12 hours to get the second steroid shot before going home.  The babies looked PERFECT throughout this whole ordeal!  I got to go home by 1pm the next day (Thursday). 

The doctor still wanted to see me Friday and get another ultrasound on the babies.  They are growing great!  At 29 weeks 3 days, Baby A was 3lbs 5oz, and Baby B was 3lbs 8oz (within their margin of error).  Right in the 60%!  Which is a perfect place to be for twins at this stage.  Any bigger, Mom is even more miserable, any smaller and they worry about nourishment.  The doctor and myself were so confident that we even sent Brian on a previously planned business trip.  No worries. I am being monitored weekly from here on out.  They will need to stay in there for at least another 5 weeks (tomorrow I am 30 weeks).  My goal is take both babies home with me from the hospital!!!!!!

So, how do I really feel:  Pain.  Stretching pain, pelvic pain, rib pain, back pain, foot pain, stomach pain.  I have almost 7lbs of baby in me already which is more than Hailey at birth.  I do not anticipate feeling any better until they are out.  But, I am this uncomfortable because they are big and healthy!  The dizziness also persists.  Fatigue.  And I cannot tell you how out of breath the littlest things make me.  I can't catch my breath.  I did 2 half marathons a year ago, climbed the Willis tower and I have to take a break half way up my own stairs most of the time to catch my breath.

Sleep:  hilarious.  I'm getting a couple hours in a row.  The pain wakes me, having to go to the bathroom (A LOT), a pillow out of place, I'm also getting sick to my stomach more and more.  I really can't have anything in my stomach prior to laying down.   But, I've noticed, when I'm asleep, I am A SLEEP! Hard. DO NOT DISTURB!

Other kids: Ben is getting very emotional about the whole thing.  He keeps worrying about me having enough time for him.  He hears everything and the first thing anyone says is how I will have my hands full, or "you won't have time for" this or that.  He's paid attention. 

Hailey is Hailey!  She is getting to be quite cuddly all the sudden.  She seems to know what's coming, too.  But I'm enjoying all the lovin!

We had a week at the cottage a couple weeks ago and it was HOT! But great beach weather and the kids had a ball!  It was nice to just let them run and play.  We had Lenore, Skip and their kids a couple days, and my Mom came up during the week when Brian had to be at work.  She helped build sand castles and swim with Ben! 

Jul 10, 2013

Ben's recipes

Ben has a new passion.  It's cooking.  Coming up with his own creations.  This has only been about a week now.  But he is so serious, and obsessed with it, I felt the need to publish some of his recipes!  He came up with the names, too.

(Measurements are approximate)

Watermelon Passion:
1 cup cut up watermelon
5 grapes
1 iceberg lettuce leaf, whole
7 Goldfish crackers
3 icecubes
1/4 cup water of water.

Combine ingredients in small bowl.  Freeze for 3-5minutes.  "Enjoy"

A modified version came the next day where he added a splash of Cherry Pomegranite V8 Splash prior to freezing.  Added a nice sweetness if you ask me!

Superhero Yummy (pictured):
One piece of white bread, cut up
One Cherry Blast Gogurt
6 grapes
1/4 cup milk
2 baby carrots cut up.
3 icecubes

Superhero Yummy

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, freeze for 5minutes.  Transfer to a cup.  "Enjoy."
A modified version without the bread is also pictured.
Superhero Yummy, modified, no bread

Mr. Cereal
Ben also called it: Strawberry soup with watermelon and cereal:

3 strawberries, cut up
1/2 cup watermelon
1/2 cup Chocolate Cherrios
3 icecubes
a dash of milk
a dash of water
4 Goldfish crackers

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and freeze for 3-10 minutes.  "Enjoy."

I have been supportive of this new passion.  His creativity and focus is admirable!  And yes, I have tried some.  You just watch where the spoon goes and make sure he doesn't insist on you using a straw.  The modified Superhero Yummy was actually not bad and he ate all his grapes AND carrots!  He said "I like the crunchy."  Maybe a chef on our hands?

Hailey Slideshow

Slideshow for you!