Feb 26, 2009


I got the smile! You may even call that a laugh! Like I said before, Ben has been such a happy boy these last few days! So easy and playful! Still, it seemed whenever the camera came out he was so transfixed on it that I couldn't get the same reaction. Well, now I got it. Granted, it's the old fashioned way of blowing in the kids face so he temporarily can't breath and he thinks that's funny, but none the less, I got it!

So, even though I blogged a bit yesterday, I felt this was blog worthy. This morning it's been more of the same. Just happy Ben. He was even so good as I was on the phone (FOREVER) with stupid insurance companies. He just kicked around in his chair then swung a bit. So good!

Well, I think we're still off to Target! Our big outing!

Feb 25, 2009

Am I showing?

We have had such a good week here at the Bishop household. Ben is learning that life is a lot more pleasurable when you sleep some, and that it's not necessary to eat every 15minutes. In fact, I think he's realizing that there is this whole other world out there besides eating! It's nice. He's become very interactive, smiling and laughing at just about everything. I find I'm getting even less done around the house because all I want to do is play with him! All those things I planned on getting done on my maternity leave have barely been touched and I only have a week and half left!

He's still trying to reach out for toys, but just can't grasp on quite yet. He's just starting to discover that those are his hands and then he can learn how to use them. He still hates tummy time. We've been doing less time on the tummy more frequently throughout the day.

Yes, I have picked a day care. Yes, I cried three times that day. No, I'm not ready to go back to work. Yes, I will be a wreck that day. Yes, my work is supportive. Yes, that makes it easier. Ben and I spent a lot of time at the day care on Monday, just visiting and getting to know the ladies. They seemed to love him! He seemed to love checking out the new digs. I do have to say, him and I are getting sick of our little house. Even he seems bored these days. I'm pretty excited that tomorrow we are planning a Target trip! That's sad... Oh well....

As you can see from the video, Brian decided to check out the Snugli this past weekend. Ben loves being held so he can check out what's going on in front of him so this seemed to work pretty well! I tried it yesterday as I did some stuff around the house and it worked for a little while.

Feb 22, 2009

I hate tummy time!!!!

I know...I just look fabulous in these photos! You're asking yourself right now, "How does she do it? She's a new mom, and she still manages to brush her hair and put on pajamas! How does she keep it together?" Ok, so I decided to bite the bullet and put these pics up because Ben was so stinking cute in them! He just passed out on my arm and we were chilling on the couch. It was so precious!

As far as an update. We now call Ben "Gigantor" in our house. He's "Gigantor" and he eats "magic juice." As you now know, he is in the 50 percentile for a 5 month old and he's 2 months. He is also now growing out of 3-6 month clothes. I'm considering moving him up to 6-9 month clothes now. I have learned that he takes after his father who followed a similar growth pattern in his infancy. What have I gotten myself into?! He also HATES tummy time now! He didn't seem to mind it for a while, now he just HATES it! The doctor said it's more important than ever due to him needing to strengthen his arms and shoulders to "carry his extra weight" as she puts it. I also fear the flat head syndrome! I don't want him to have a flat head! It's so cute the way it is! So, we're trying all sorts of stuff with tummy time. We're going over the boppy, we're going over a mirror, we're going for shorter instances more often. We'll see. One thing I need to keep reminding myself of and others is that his weight is proportional to his length! He is not too heavy (for his length). I just need to keep saying that.

Abby is still handling this better. We think she gets overstimulated with the crying sometimes. And she does hope and pray that we will accidently leave Gigantor at the store. Gigantor and I have been venturing out more and more and when I come back in she's all excited to see me. Then I go grab the car seat and it's like her heart is breaking all over again. She's like "Oh, I thought it was just you and me again." I'm just really hoping for some nice weather soon so that we can venture out more often with the stroller and Gigantor.

All else is well. We're enjoying some quiet time this weekend with just me, Brian, Abby, and Gigantor. Brian seems to be enjoying some quality time with his son. I'm enjoying some quality time without him! I took a shower that lasted longer than 5 minutes, I organized my closet, and had a beer. Brian and Ben have played and chilled and I think they plan on a little Duke basketball later and then some Oscars.

Life is good!

PS: We promise we'll stop calling him Gigantor. I don't want him to have a complex, either.

Feb 18, 2009

2 month check up!

Well, Ben and I just got back from his 2 month check up and he is sleeping off the shots and baby Tylenol. He handled the shots like a trooper. Yes, he screamed, but who wouldn't?!! They seem to have made him sleepy, though.

As far as what the doctor had to say. Ben is as healthy as a horse! He seems to be gearing up to be a linebacker. At 2 months he is 25.75 inches long and weighs 14lbs 13.5oz. He is off the charts for 2 month olds! She said he is perfectly healthy and his weight is very proportional to his length, they just happen to be that of a 5 month old (it seems he's in roughly the 50th percentile for 5 month olds). He also does have a tooth on the bottom. She said it will likely stay like it is and not totally come in, though it wouldn't surprise her if he gets it.

That's about it. He's still sleeping a bit better and therefore so am I. Hope you enjoy the videos below!!!

Feb 17, 2009

3 videos...one blog...

Well, Ben and I are back in Oak Forest after our trip to Kalamazoo to see my family. All three of my sisters, 3 dogs 3 nieces, 2 nephews, Mom, Dad, and my Grandpa even came down for a couple of hours. A couple things we all agreed on was that it was fun and overstimulating. All those KIDS! I usually could handle it, but with lack of sleep and little human interaction in 2 months, it was something else. Most of us got out unharmed. My Mom was not so lucky. She has a bit of a sprained knee from 3, 80lb dogs running her down in the yard Sunday night. I won't say it was totally Abby's fault, but she was a major player. She had it x-rayed and checked out and the doctor does believe it is only a sprain. We had to have some quick lessons on the crutches. Lucky for her she is a dancer and well coordinated, and has a daughter who knows a little something about crutches.

The kids all got along great. I got some cute pictures and video. I hope I can share it all here. Blake LOVED his little cousin. I think he was just happy there was someone smaller than him there.

Ben is certainly feeling better these days. He's not so fussy. He has been VERY happy, in fact. I think we're even on to something at night! There have been three nights in a row now where he has slept for 4-5 hour stretches!! He's slept from like 8pm to about 1am (CST). He'll eat then go right back to sleep. We're then up every 2 hours, but I'll take it. Not to mention, while we were in Kalamazoo, Lenore offered to take Ben for a night, so I got a ton of sleep! It was so nice. She's awesome! Last night he slept from 9-1:30, then every two hours until 8:30 this morning. I feel pretty darn good! He even played for a bit, then just fell asleep on his own without even fussing. I just looked over and he was asleep! I don't know if it's that his mouth feels better (no advances on his teeth), or the change in diet. I have totally given up dairy, especially all the milk I used to drink, and am still only having about a half cup of coffee a day. Whatever it is, I'm sticking to it. His 2 month check up is tomorrow so we will see just how big he has gotten.

Feb 13, 2009

Teething? Really?

Well, we've had a few days to recover now from the Bishop visit! No really, we had a blast and they seemed to truly enjoy being here. Although, I think they also truly enjoyed going home to their peace and quiet and full nights of sleep. You see, we don't sleep much here at the Bishop house, and that weekend was no different. In fact, I was surprised at how fussy Ben seemed to me. Maybe he wasn't compared to other babies, I don't know, but it wasn't the Ben I knew. Well, after they left, it seemed to just get worse to the point of me being in tears wondering what's wrong with him, what should I do, and if I would ever see sleep again. Then...I thought I felt something in his mouth. I was in denial and let it go for another day, then today it was confirmed by an outside source. Ben has a tooth coming in! My eight week old is teething!!! Yes, the "normal" age for this is 4-6months, but Ben likes to ruin these curves where ever he can. I immediately picked up the phone to my in-laws and asked them to check Brian's baby book and let me know if there is anything else I should anticipate. They are looking into it. Part of me is relieved, I knew he wasn't acting right, and there just didn't seem to be anything I could do about it. At least now there is an explanation hopefully. Today, he has actually seemed happy again! He has laughed and smiled, rarely cried out. He has even been sleeping in his crib for the last 2 hours which has given me time to clean, and bake.

This weekend I am heading off to Kalamazoo to visit with my family. Brian has decided to stay at home and work a bit...maybe sleep...I'm kinda jealous. Abby is super excited. Her jealousy has continued. The latest story I have is about a week ago I was getting Ben out of his play pen and thought I would swaddle him up (which he still LOVES). I gently laid out the blanket on the bed in preparation for my baby. I turned and lifted Ben out of his play pen, and by the time I turned back to the bed, Abby was curled up on the blanket! She had come out of no where, jumped on the bed and cozied onto the blanket in no time flat! I didn't even hear it happen, she was so stealthy! I felt so sorry for her (and guilty), that I let her lay there and I went and got another blanket for Ben. She likes to make her point, doesn't she?! Well, this weekend we will be in Kazoo, her favorite place. My Dad spoils her, almost worse than I ever did, and she has their dogs Lilly, and Madie to play with on endless acres of land.

I'm hoping one thing Brian can get done this weekend is update the slide show with more pictures. We are also looking forward to Ben's 2 month appointment this coming Wednesday. I am anxious for his updated weight. As you can see, the boy is healthy, and rarely misses a meal. Actually, he never misses a meal.

Feb 7, 2009

Grandmother Karen the Magnificent

Well, she isn't called Grandmother Karen the Magnificent for nothing. Years and years of parenting have come to use as she is teaching Ben how to read. The first book, you ask? Mommy and Baby Safari, by Melanie Mitchell. Lots of touch and feel swatches - you can see that Ben is very enthralled with them.

The Bishop 3 are having fun with the Bishop 2 and the Bowles 1. Today's agenda: nothing. Maybe eating hot dogs - but only if we feel up to it.

- Brian

Feb 5, 2009

The Dancing Bears

It's been a trying week. Something happened to my happy baby. He started crying and just didn't stop...for like 2 days. He was fed, clean, burped, all that, but just wanted to cry. I'll have to share that cry, too, because it is a downright SCREAM! There is nothing wrong with this boy's lungs anymore. I tried changing my diet to see if that helps him and it seems to have. The big thing is I gave up coffee. I only had one cup every morning, but man, the withdrawal has been killer. I have had a headache ever since. But, it seems to have helped Ben. He's back to my happy baby.

His new favorite thing is the mobile. Right before I took this video, I turned on the mobile and he just exploded in laughter at the dancing bears! He can just stare at these guys all day. Unfortunately, it only lasts about a minute when it's turned all the way. We do have another one for his crib that my Dad is in the process of finishing, so hopefully that one can stay on a bit longer. I am thinking of putting mobiles all over the house with how happy they make him.

We are looking forward to the Bishops coming, in just a little over 24hours! I'm just praying for a happy baby! I am looking forward to someone else being here, 1. for me to talk to, and 2. to entertain Ben. I think he's getting sick of just me. He seems to look forward to Brian coming home at night just as much as me. He just stares at Brian every night like he's trying to figure him out. He seems happy to have someone else to look at.

Feb 2, 2009

He will get hair!

So, as you can see, I'm getting closer to catching that adorable smile on film! He is down right giggling now, too! This is as close as I've gotten, but you get the idea! He's more likely to smile in the morning and only when you are face to face with him. He just loves it!

The top picture was of Brian and Ben watching the superbowl. Can you tell they are father and son or what?! My Dad was also here this past weekend to deliver our crib. Yes, we finally have a crib and he slept in it last night. Didn't sleep any more, but none the less, he was in his own room for the first time. He is also napping there right now. I'm now in the process of hanging things appropriately, and will get some pics up of that, soon. My kid's only almost 2 months old and we're just getting this done, but that's what we get for having a roof leak and ceiling collapse 2 months before baby is born.

So, everything is going well. Brian is pretty convinced that Ben will always be bald and will never get eyebrows. I'm trying to convince him otherwise. I was the same way and now I have a ton of hair. And, I DO have eyebrows, they are just really light, but Ben's will come in and take after his Dad, I'm sure of it (fingers crossed).

This weekend we are having Karen, Barry, and Allison up. Allison will get to meet her nephew for the first time! We are so excited about it. Ben and I are going to practice smiling all week to get ready.

Well, I hear that nap time is over, hopefully no typos because I'm just gonna post and run and get my baby!

Love everyone!

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