Dec 23, 2011

The Good Times...

Things are crazy. The house is a mess. I'm hoping to pull it all together by Christmas Eve!

But here, a few of the good times from the past week.

Oh, and Hailey has her first tooth! Came in December 19! Bottom, front! Ouch. She's handling it well. She's really chomping on everything, she's not sleeping as well, but she's still pretty happy!

My mother got Ben a drum set. Not so good times. Thanks Grandma. What did I ever do to her? But really, Ben LOVES THEM! And they aren't too loud.

Hailey with "that Grandma" opening one of her presents. Ben is just a little too helpful sometimes!

This was this morning. I usually place Hailey down on Ben's floor while we get ready. She LOVES his room. He wanted to read to her. I turned around and this is what was happening! TOO CUTE! I have to be careful, though. He does try to pick her up. He can drag her onto his lap which is cute, but then he uses his "super strength" to try to "teach her to walk!" That generally entails him picking her up with one arm under her arm, and the other...well..around her neck. I will keep them both alive. I promise!

Also, notice Hailey getting up on her hands and knees? Yup, crawling is right around the corner. I'm tired.

Dec 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Benjamin!

Three years ago today! Can you believe it? I will keep this brief. I have decided since I did all the work that day, I will also consider this my day off! Which means, my house is a wreck and I don't care. We are busily getting ready for birthday and Christmas festivities so it's getting hard to keep up with everything!

But, we did have 2 doctor's appointments this morning (Ben didn't need shots and it was the only time we had so I figured he'd get over it!!). So, here are the run downs of both appointments.

Ben: 3 years old TODAY! Height: 40.5 inches (above 95%), weight 36.7lbs (90%). Healthy as a horse! Absolutely no issues! Did great with the exam including his first blood pressure check which was 72/50 which is totally normal for his age.

Hailey: 6month check up! Height 27.5in (95%), weight 17lbs, 2oz (75%). Had 3 shots today which she wasn't particularly happy with, but otherwise did great! She, too, is as healthy as they come! Ben comparison at 6months: he was 29inches and 19.5lbs! Kind of funny to look at!

Dec 11, 2011

Hailey EATS!


Well, she tries to eat. And it is her first real solid meal.

More to come!

- Brian

Dec 8, 2011

I've been neglectful!

Sorry. Been busy here. Tis that time of year. But a lot has been going on. I only have a few minutes to let's hit the highlights.

We spent Thanksgiving at home. I made the WHOLE shabang!!! Ben ate the rolls and dinner ended in a time out.

While in Michigan Thanksgiving weekend, we celebrated Ben and Meghan's birthdays! Those cakes were soon destroyed!

Having to keep a closer eye on Ben while with Hailey. He likes to use his "super strength" to pick her up. This is how I found them the other night.

Last weekend we hit a Christmas tree farm. Wasn't quite the Christmas magic we expected. There were no trees left at this farm, so we walked all around and ended up with a precut tree anyway.

Other highlights:
Ben: We continue to have to bribe him to eat ANYTHING! This morning I even had to bribe him to eat waffles. It's ridiculous and oh so frustrating. Who doesn't want waffles!!! ALL he wants is milk. Milk, milk, milk. I'm so sick of milk. I think it's time to cut him off completely. Seriously, I know milk is healthy, but he was drinking it at such a rate they had to do blood tests at his last check up as too much milk apparently causes anemia.

He'll be 3 next week which is unbelievable. And I totally see what people mean when they say 3 is worse than 2. He's very....opinionated all the sudden. And my sweet little boy is saying NO to me ALL the time! I have discovered the joys of having Santa on my side. It's nice for me and Ben to know that I have a direct line to Santa and can report bad behavior to him at any time.

Hailey: We have her 6 month check up next week so stay tuned to find out about our chunker! She eats a lot! Still just from Momma but I'm thinking after her check up next week we'll start some food. She's VERY interested in watching people eat. Way more than Ben ever was! Plus, maybe it will help her sleep a little more. We're...sorry...I'm up just about every night with the little stinker. Sometimes twice. She's lucky she's cute.

She continues to be a very happy baby! Just laughs and laughs! She's also enjoying her new found mobility. I can no longer leave the room for too long. Most recently I've discovered her under the tree, under the kitchen table, things like that. She's rolling everywhere, but also starting to pull/scoot herself forward with her cute, pudgy arms! We're working on sitting up now. She's just not getting it! At least she's good about staying on her belly. Ben would just roll onto his back constantly!

Time to go feed my young. Or in other words, threaten Ben that I'll call Santa.

Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving first! Mashed potato style!

Well, we did it. Another successful Thanksgiving day feast prepared by the spectacular cook, Patricia. She dazzled us with a few delights - turkey, stuffing, cranberries, corn casserole, asparagus casserole, and - yes - mashed potatoes.

Hailey took to the potatoes as well...

We planned a quiet evening with the four of us. We watched some football, played with the kiddos, and finished up the cooking. Ben had another plan though - no eating for him. Just two rolls and he was done. The even the chicken - aka turkey - was a little too much for him. But he was okay with it all, especailly after we started to feed Hailey her first real food. Just a bit of mush, a bit of potatoes - that was it. But it made a memorable night and a memorable Thanksgiving for us all.

Happy Thanksgiving for all of you too!

- Brian

Nov 20, 2011

Abby is such a good dog!!!!

Abby's making sure Hailey doesn't get near that cord.

Or, she's wondering where her life went so wrong.

She decides to embrace it! KISSES!

Abby is such a good dog! It seems lately no matter where I lay Hailey down she rolls to be right up against Abby and Abby just takes it. Hailey gets such a kick out of watching her. Too cute.

Things are well here. Busy getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday for which I am preparing a traditional meal for our little family of 4. I have just about all the fixens ready. We're hanging in Oak Forest for the big day. Then Saturday head over for a tailgate style celebration at the Huling house.

We're also trying to teach Ben that he will soon be THREE years old!

We're getting ready to run some errands as soon as Ben wakes up to further prepare for our holiday! We WILL get to some more pictures, videos and updates ASAP!!!

Nov 13, 2011

Hailey and the Clown

Guess who is the clown.

More back logged video and pictures to come!

Viva Major League Bishop!

- Brian

Nov 6, 2011

Hailey's 5 MONTHS!

So yes, I climbed the Willis Tower this morning (See previous post). But, it's also worth mentioning that Hailey was 5 months old yesterday! It's already going so fast! She continues to be one of the happiest babies I've seen, more and more smiles and LAUGHS every day! More updates to come, but I'm going to go ice my feet now!

103. No Problem...

Reasons to not climb the Willis Tower:
1. It's tall
2. I just had a baby 5 months ago
3. Plantar fascitis flare in both feet
4. PNEUMONIA! I've been sick for the last 3 days. Total laryngitis followed by a nice sounding productive cough.
5. It's tall
6. I think I twisted my knee in the shower this morning.
7. It's tall

Getting ready to start! These are 4 of the 9 from the Homewood clinic. Here, I'm still happy. Nervous, but happy.

I thought I'd try to get a self portrait on every ten floors. When I missed the first 10 I knew I was in trouble. Notice the numbers from here on out. Also the open, gaped mouth is due to GASPING for air. I'm not exaggerating that I have some major respiratory issues going on!

Finger covered the flash. Didn't care. My legs were burning quite a bit at this point.

Legs are starting to go numb which is nice. Breathing is becoming more and more an issue!

Here I'm wondering why I thought I could do this in my condition. I found peace in that I could bail around floor 53. I mean, who would take care of my kids?!?

Nah, I can do this! Finger covered the flash again. But by now my hands were going numb. I think my blood flow was forced to my vital organs in an effort to keep me alive!

I actually got a 10!!!! Excitement short lived. I'm only a little over half way there.

I'm starting to hallucinate at this point. Like last time, its around now I want to start punching the cheery volunteers and all their happy screams! Who do they think they are? Did they do it? No, they took the elevator to this point!

I'm just laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. I mean, who in their right mind does this! It's funny, right?!

And yes, the pictures in the stair well stopped at this point. I was focused on breathing. I was also pretty sure the dude ahead of me was going to pass out so I was trying to stay strong for him. I honestly thought I may be needed for CPR. I've never heard someone breathing like that!

31minutes, 40 seconds after I entered the stairs, I exited!

Feeling better. Ready to do it again! KIDDING!

Out on the ledge. It doesn't seem so tall all the sudden!

Here's our whole group. We did it! We all went out to breakfast after, refueled and patted each other on the back! We deserve it!

So, I didn't break the 30minute mark as I wanted to, but will take the fact that I finished when I was considering Urgent Care yesterday for this cough. We had a great, supportive group and we're all set to break records again next year!

Nov 3, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Getting ready to go! The kids weren't too scared of me. I figure I feel like a zombie these days, why not dress the part?!

Ben was a pro! He wanted me to stay on the sidewalk even! He was very good at saying Trick or Treat and thank you to everyone!

Ben with his bounty!

Then after the fall. Yup, I haven't seen a melt down like that...well...EVER! He was upset that "his people" aka: trick or treaters, stopped coming! Then just called it a day by the front door.

Hailey slept in the stroller during trick or treating! People wondered where her bag was. Seriously!?!

Her crash was a little less dramatic than Ben's. Such a sweet girl!

Oct 28, 2011

Hailey fix!

She's being cute. Had to share. Now typing one handed due to holding cutie! Maybe Brian can help me upload the better version (youtube) later. I'm still learning.


 Fixed, my love! - B

Oct 24, 2011

Cottage weekend!

We had PERFECT fall weather this past weekend at the cottage! Ben had so much fun with his cousins! Lots of walks on the beach, walks in the woods, and we even carved NINE pumpkins right on the deck. It was perfect.

Oct 20, 2011

Clearly not the month of the blog!

Clearly we're still recovering from the month of the blog! But really we've just been VERY busy. I really don't have time now but guilt was getting to me.

Of note:
On Friday Oct 14, 2011 we lost our dear Lilly. Lilly was my parents yellow lab and Abby's mentor. She lived an amazing 12 years and had a life any one of us humans would be jealous of. She basically spent her days either wandering the beach, the massive fields, begging, or sleeping on whatever surface suited her at the time. True to Huling form, she was spoiled rotten. She was a wonderful companion to my parents and her sister, Maddie and will be greatly missed.

On to better things:
On Thursday October 13, Hailey had her 4 month check up. She is HEALTHY! Couldn't be more so. She weighed in at 15lbs, and is 26.5 inches long. Her weight puts her in the 95%, and her length is "way off the charts." She is truly taking after her brother in all aspects. She has been happier and happier every day! All she wants is to be talked to, watch her brother, and laugh.

She's getting really good at tummy time and is rolling both ways now. Ben at this age just SCREAMED when we put him on his tummy!

Eating: ALL THE TIME. Hence her size.

Sleep: We have some good nights and I really appreciate those. But she still likes to eat all night. I'm up 1-2 times a night most of the time, sometimes 3. Then there's maybe one night a week she makes it from like 8pm to about 6am and those are GREAT!

I can't believe he's almost 3! He's still recovering from a long weekend with his Grandma and Grandpa Bishop! We did the zoo, we did the pumpkin patch, we shopped, we did it all! He was exhausted! Took a 3 hour nap yesterday. He was so excited when they were here he didn't even want to nap! Ben not wanting to nap is highly unusual.

Potty training: an ongoing battle that I WILL WIN! He's doing better and we're still problem solving through ways to get him to go. He's still rarely initiating it, but if we get him in there he does ok. When we're home and not too busy I put underwear on him and he does well. Pull ups don't phase him, or help "train" him at all. Pull ups being wet just don't bother him and they're more expensive, so I'm not too thrilled with them.

Ok, off to pack for a fall weekend at the cottage with Aunt Lenore, Meghan, Morgan, and Blake!

Hailey got her chair painted by Great Grandma Shirley, too! Notice my attempt to get out of the way!

Hailey at the pumpkin patch. Poor child.

Grandpa saved her and she had a ball watching all the activities!

This one's going in a frame! The whole family at Lincoln Park Zoo! Ben could no longer stand under his own power. None of us really could but we made it back to the car!

Sep 30, 2011

Month of the Blog - It's Been A Blast!

Well, I thought this picture was appropriate for the last day of the Month of the Blog. It was fun for us, so I hope it was fun for you. I think we're going to cut back on the blogging for a bit - but not too much. Maybe every other day with a big update each weekend. I hope to have some stats for you - we've exploded! Our blog has been viewed over 500 times in the past month. I mean, it's no Google or Amazon, but it's damn good for the Family Bishop.

Good night! We'll see you shortly!

PS - Let us know if you liked the last month! Leave us a comment to show the love.

Sep 29, 2011


piggy back continued!

Ben and the sea lion continued

Ben's first carousel ride at Brookfield Zoo! We'll have to do that again!

I'm still learning how to upload videos using You Tube which are so much clearer than the old way I do. So, I'll spare you that until I get further in serviced! Pictures today and little updates.

In reviewing some of Brian's blogs, I would like to defend some of our actions as to avoid CPS being called. The previous video of Hailey in the bouncy chair. Although super cute, it was done while I was at work, and Brian, we strap her in now! As for the piggy back rides? Yeah, that was just funny and I had a heart attach a little bit there.

Ok, updates.
The Bishops as a whole: we bought a minivan. Yup, we've joined the ranks. Now all we need are the stick figure people in the window representing each of us and a soccer ball in the back. In all seriousness, WE LOVE IT! I went to the store this morning and it was SO much easier getting the kids in and out. I loved that Pilot, but this will be handy. It's pretty loaded, does just about everything but drive for us.

Ben: potty training back on track for sure! He's even going without using the colors (see previous post...)! He's wearing underwear most days with very few accidents. One thing he can't get is that poopy goes in the potty too! Today he went in his pullup then walked in the bathroom and expected me to then put it in the potty. Frustrating!

His little imagination is going crazy! I love watching him pretend. He's definitely blossoming in that area! He's also getting kind of...stubborn! Constantly trying to cut deals with us! Eating is still an issue. It's a constant negotiation. I don't get it! He is ADDICTED to milk. We continue to hold it hostage until post meal, but now that doesn't even work. He just looks at me and says "Ok, I have water." He knows he only gets water if he doesn't eat. So, now I've lost that bargaining chip. He won't starve. He'll eventually eat.

Hailey: oh, sweet Hailey! She is such a happy baby! She just wants to be talked to played with. She now rolls from back to tummy and sometimes tummy to back. She does better going onto her tummy which I think is a little backwards. Most nights now she flips herself over and prefers sleeping on her belly. Makes me a little nervous, but not much I can do about it.

She found her feet for sure. When she's on her back, she just grabs on and LAUGHS! She's laughing a lot these days.

Eating: Every 2-4hours. Day and night suddenly. Which equals a little less sleep these days. Hoping it's just a growth spurt still! I'm up about twice a night again. She eats and goes right back down most nights at least.

Hailey Slideshow

Slideshow for you!