Jul 29, 2010


As you may imagine, I have hours of video and hundreds of pictures to sort through from our Bishop Family Vacation on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. We arrived to our home at 1:45pm central today (Thursday July 29) after roughly 19hours of traveling from our comfy condo accommodations on the Big Island of Hawaii. I will obviously be posting many wonderful memories we would like to share with others, but for now thought it would be funny to share how extremely tired Ben was tonight! He was good, not even crabby, just TIRED!

We had an amazing time. Much more to come but here are a few highlights:
* Most Fun Bishops had at a beach: Kaanapali Beach, Maui. Ben dug in and loved the sand and water.

* Best sea turtle: Black Sand Beach, Punalu'u, Big Island on the way to Volcano's National Park.

* Best Volcano: Kilauea on Big Island. Walked on lava flows, saw steam vents, the thing is active people!!!

* Best descent from a volcano: the big boys riding bikes down Haleakala on Maui.

* Most relaxing event: girls spa day at Grand Wailea, Maui.

* Awesome being there with best friends ever

* Best food: Mama's Fishhouse, Maui

* Worst part of trip: Jen breaking out in full body hives for no apparent reason for the last week we were there.

* Best toddlers: Ben and Jackson tie for number one. It went 100 times better than we ever imagined it could have gone!! Those boys soaked it all up and allowed us to as well!

* Best toddler pool: Kona Coast Resort, Big Island. Ben and Jackson LOVED it!

* Worst toddler pool: the previously awesome toddler pool at the Sands of Kahana on Maui which was getting torn apart during our stay there.

* Most nerve wracking moment: driving with our children in the car past barricades towards an actual lava flow! Kalapana, Big Island.

More to come...I'm going to bed. Not to mention preparing for a household of visitors arriving in the morning!

Jul 28, 2010

On the way home - Kona, Hawaii airport

Jul 26, 2010

Things are just cooler here in Hawaii...

Jul 17, 2010


We're busily preparing for our trip! Call us crazy!

Here's some cute video of Ben giving Elmo a ride in his stroller! He just loves Elmo.

Things here are HOT! We're staying cool and keeping busy. Ben is a pretty funny kid. We're just having a blast this summer. Enjoy this quick snippet! Hopefully some way more fun updates coming really soon!

Jul 11, 2010

Ice Cream!!!

Not a whole lot going on this week! After the 10,000 videos from last week, I figured I'd just go for one extra cute one from dinner tonight. Ben never really saw the big deal of ice cream until this week. The cold was always too much to overcome for him. He was never able to see past that to the sugary goodness! Well, now he has! I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for his development! It certainly isn't good for my floors. All I have to say is I always thought it would be nice to have a rug under my kitchen table. Now I know that would be a dumb move before my kids are all over the age of 10...maybe older.

We're gearing up for some more big summer fun! Of course, the big Hawaii trip is coming up! I have a girl I work with who lived there and is suggesting all sorts of things for us to do on the Big Island. She had some really good ideas, then I reminded her I was going with a 19month old and her face looked really confused! She said she will think about it and let me know if she comes up with anything.

He's talking more and more. And more often than not he's saying "Abby" correctly. Until just recently it sounded like "AAAHHEEEE." So, he's getting better!

Hope everyone else is having as good a summer as we are!

Jul 5, 2010

4th of July 2010

We were BUSY!

Friday: worked, packed.
Saturday: Doctor's appointment in the morning for Ben. He had Croup this week. And a possible ear infection that is now a real ear infection that he is on antibiotics for. So, we then went to the store, pharmacy, then home to pack. Ben was still well enough to go to Kalamazoo. So, we packed up the SUV and headed for Kalamazoo.

It was Saturday of July 4th weekend so a little traffic. An hour and half drive that took us close to 3. We got to Stephanie's house in time for grilling, though. We grilled out, Ben played with all the kids and LOVED it. By 5:30pm ET we packed up and headed for the fireworks.

Ben continues to be a good sleeper who is generally in bed by 8pm. But, we wanted to see what happened so we took him to the fireworks. He played in the field for a while with his cousins. He was then just as happy sitting in the car watching DVD's (again, thanks Brian for talking me into the DVD player). We got there early enough to get parking spots where you can sit right next to your car. He eventually fell asleep in the car so peacefully.

The other kids continued to play. Including many sparklers and various other fireworks. It was strange seeing my nephew light them himself. I forget he's so grown up! Gosh Devin!

The fireworks started and as you can see, they were RIGHT ON TOP OF US! There were a few embers that landed so close we could hear and see them sizzle. Ben eventually woke up in the car but was just sitting there peacefully. When I brought him out he watched the last few minutes and LOVED them! He watched and pointed and laughed!

Sunday: after getting in late Saturday, Ben passing out in the car and not budging when we transfer him into the house (staying at Mom and Dad's with the Seelye family), we wake and have coffee. Well, me and Aunt Lenore have coffee. We eventually pack up to meet Grandma and Grandpa Huling at the boat.

It was a PERFECT boating day. The Seelyes came, too. It was hot, so we quickly ate lunch on the dock and headed out to the lake. Grandpa Huling anchored perfectly so we could wade into shore. The water was perfect. Ben was TIRED. He managed to hang on the swim platform and let us carry him around in the water for a while but eventually fell asleep in the aft birth with Madie (as shown in the video)! We cruised back slowly to harbor. The closer we got the more traffic there was. Brian brought us all the way in. My dad has always been Captain of this boat and wanted to see it from the bow. Brian got the hang of it and brought us all the way into the pier heads and beyond, just a little verbal direction needed.

We cruised up the river and back to dock. It was HOT once we got back to dock. We had a few snacks, Ben awoke in the aft birth happy. Then we headed back to Oak Forest, IL. Ben relaxed a bit more on the drive and was ready to go when we got home. I thought it would be fun to take him outside with all the fireworks and see his first, up close, sparklers. He did like the one we did as you can see! Only problem, the mosquitoes!!! We were all covered within moments. We quickly watched that one and then hurried inside where we all passed out soon after!

Brian and I are sun burned. We are all tired. Ben (and the rest of us) slept well and have a nice day off today (Monday July 5), home and in the air conditioning.

So much fun! Ben and his cousin Blake became the best of friends! Blake took such care good care of Ben all weekend! Such a sweet boy!

In case you are wondering, the Croup Ben had was earlier in the week and not that bad. We had one bad day then it turned into a little cold. Slept well throughout the ordeal.

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