Mar 29, 2010

We're in the 21st century now! Mobile phone blogging!

Mar 22, 2010

Warmer Weather Was Here for Four Days!

We had a couple of really nice days last week, and one of them actually corresponded with one of my days off! The day after these pictures/videos were taken we got more snow, so I decided to get out and enjoy it while we could!

Ben and I spent most of the waking day outside. He walked all the way up the street and back again. We blew bubbles and tried to ride his powerwheels (he's still warming up to it). We played in the backyard throwing the ball for Abby and got all muddy! So much fun! As you can see he really enjoyed playing with the hose, too. Ben cried and cried when we came in but then quickly ate his dinner and passed out.

I tried to capture it as best I could!

The other video is from tonight, and for some reason Ben thought it was funny to take a drink then drool it all out! I'm assuming he learned this at the babysitter as I do not remember the last time Brian or I drooled!

Enjoy! More to come!

Mar 15, 2010

Ben Knows Sign Language

The joke in our house has quickly become that our babysitter is a better mother than I am! I started it, don't worry, and it really is a joke. The most recent example is that it just dawned on me like yesterday that Ben has been signing to me! Mary, our babysitter, said something about teaching the little ones sign language and I quickly dismissed her because again, I'm not the greatest Mom! I now recognize that Ben is signing. He knows "more," "please," and "thank you." I was able to catch the first two on this video tonight at dinner. He's so good! He's also really trying to say those words. Unfortunately for the video, I had the tv on in the background and he was distracted (again, not the best Mom!!) but he still got those signs in there.

In other news! Had a great time in Michigan! All the kids had fun! Ben and his cousin Blake are going to be the best of buddies! They are so cute together. Blake is so attentive and concerned. Any time Ben cried, I immediately had his blanket and pacifier in hand from Blake. Such a sweetie! My niece Morgan turned four which is unbelievable so we got to celebrate that, too.

Ben updates: He has broken all those teeth, including 2 molars. He pulled himself together for this weekend and wasn't too crabby for the Huling family. But you can tell he's uncomfortable. He's also continuing to pull at his right ear. He has another doctor's appointment tomorrow for his poor ears. I can't remember what I said on the last update and can't look now since I'm uploading a video, but in short, Ben has had a major double ear infection that has been stubborn to medications and we learned after 10days on Amoxocillin that he is allergic to it so he had a full body rash the better part of a week. Poor kiddo.

Words Ben's saying new this week: "AAAA eeee" translation "Abby" continues to be his favorite. He also now says "cookie." "Aaaaahhhhh" (like the sound you make after taking a sip of a delightful beverage) is how he asks for his milk, but he will say "mill" from time to time asking for it. He's just constantly "talking." Looking right at you as though you should understand every word. One of these days I will. He may also be saying more with his hands but I don't understand that, either. I'll have to ask our babysitter to give me a lesson on how to talk to my son apparently!

Mar 13, 2010

Grandpa Huling is turning 60!

Real quick! Busy week! Not even sure what videos I'm putting up but I'm sure they're cute! Had so much fun with the Bishops here. Here are just a couple videos! Ben got his first Power wheels! He's getting used to it. The cause and effect of him pushing the button still freaks him out but he'll get there. We went the Children's museum. Ben had a ball, the rest of us were a little overstimulated.

The weekend ended with Ben having an allergic reaction to his antibiotic for his double ear infection, and me and Brian with the stomach flu. At least Ben was charming for his Grandparents, even with the full body rash! Brian and I are feeling much better, Ben's on a new antibiotic for his ear infections.

Teeth update: In the last 2 weeks Ben has gotten four or possibly five new teeth (one in the back that is still easing through). I'm with the theory that ear infections and teething go hand in hand. He had a rough time mid week. A little cranky, not sleeping well, but feeling much better for our trip today. We're off RIGHT NOW to go to Kalamazoo to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday! Looking forward to getting all six of his grandkids together, and Brian and I are looking forward to sleeping next weekend sometime!

Love you all!

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