Jul 1, 2009

I had to have my kid's head examined!

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That's a little message from Ben. He loves banging around on the keyboard! He is definitely a boy who prefers gadgets. He can be surrounded by all sorts of toys and all he wants is the remote, the laptop, the cell phone, or something like that.

Now down to business. Ben's head is fine. We had our appointment with the neurosurgeon this morning per our pediatrician's request. They measured his head and asked all sorts of questions and he assured me that Ben's head is fine . It is not that bad. He is "99% certain" that it is nothing and the shape will resolve. He wants to see Ben again in August just to make sure but said not to worry.

I felt so strange there. We had to go to Hope Children's Hospital for the appointment. We arrived and there were so many children in helmets! And so many that were clearly developmentally delayed. I felt so sorry for all of them. Then I worried. Are people looking at me that way? Are they thinking "look at that poor child and his head. If only he had a better mother." I never thought his head was that bad, but maybe I was blinded by love?!! Thank goodness the neurologist agreed that my doctor overreacted and assured me that I am not blinded by love, his head is fine and there is no need for action right now.

Other than that, everything is great here. Ben is hysterical. He's laughing more and more. He's really getting the hang of sitting up on his own to play with all his toys. He's also pulling himself around like an army crawl to get to whatever toy he wants.

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