Jan 18, 2010

Major League Bishop Mailbag #1


Hey everyone - We have a fan! You know how I know that? We got fan mail!

"Ben, how much do you miss your Grandma Karen (the Magnificent) and Grandpa Barry?
Because we miss you and your parents and Abby so much!

Love, GKM"

I'm not sure who this GKM is but I hope he/she keeps reading the blog! GKM, everyone here at Major League Bishop does really miss Grandmother Karen the Magnificent and Grandpa Barry - in fact, we're already planning another trip to come see them. Time flies by so fast and Ben needs to see all his grandparents as much as possible. To make that fact even more clear, here's some pictures from our last trip to see the Virginia Grandparents:

Okay, I hope this post proves to everyone that the fan mail really does work. Keep it coming!

Just email it to:

majorleaguebishop at gmail dot com

(Again, the address above is spelled out to thwart spammers. Let's see how long that lasts)

Hope everyone has a good week!

- Brian, Patti and Ben

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