Mar 22, 2010

Warmer Weather Was Here for Four Days!

We had a couple of really nice days last week, and one of them actually corresponded with one of my days off! The day after these pictures/videos were taken we got more snow, so I decided to get out and enjoy it while we could!

Ben and I spent most of the waking day outside. He walked all the way up the street and back again. We blew bubbles and tried to ride his powerwheels (he's still warming up to it). We played in the backyard throwing the ball for Abby and got all muddy! So much fun! As you can see he really enjoyed playing with the hose, too. Ben cried and cried when we came in but then quickly ate his dinner and passed out.

I tried to capture it as best I could!

The other video is from tonight, and for some reason Ben thought it was funny to take a drink then drool it all out! I'm assuming he learned this at the babysitter as I do not remember the last time Brian or I drooled!

Enjoy! More to come!

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