Feb 14, 2011

We got outside!

WE GOT OUTSIDE!!!! Yesterday (Sunday) was 45degrees as a high! The snow was still good so we decided to go play. Ben dove right into sledding. Had a ball! He then eyed the play ground which was a little trickier. It was actually quite clear of snow on it, but there were areas around it that were still knee deep for me. But Ben just had a ball climbing all over it, sliding down the slide and swinging.

Ben then had the idea of making a snowman. Brian tried to make a couple little ones (like 6 inches high), but Ben didn't fall for it! Brian quickly learned that with how much snow there is, and how heavy it now is, it does not take long to make a nice big snowball! So, our snowman was quickly born! Ben gathered all the necessary accessories, I helped a little with the arms though Abby did eat one. It was just nice to be outside. It was warm again today, and our poor snowman has already fallen, but we're enjoying the sun! Ben, Abby, and I even went for a quick walk when we got home from work today.

Although I'm mad that I'm still in my pj's in this picture, it's still a nice picture. This was Sunday morning. Ben and Abby just wanted to both be with their Momma, so we took the shot. I LOVED IT!

This was how I found Ben on Saturday morning. Notice the pajamas on the floor! He's learning how to dress AND undress himself now! He was very proud of himself!

Enjoy some videos of our first day of playing outside in a long time! It felt really good!

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