Jan 29, 2012

Meet Millie!

I know, 2 posts in one day (See below for more Hailey crawling cuteness)! But I actually have a few more minutes and wanted to share Millie!

She is a 4 month old lad/Shepard mix that my parents are now fostering! She is very special! Dad was introduced to her at the shelter that he volunteers for. She was already named so it was a little eerie seeing as they just lost Lilly. Dad says she is very sweet, very snuggly, but has a little tick. She tends to veer right. So, they had an appointment at University of Michigan this past Friday and learned that Millie had some sort of infection that is now resolved. She is healthy except one thing. She is completely deaf. 100% deaf! So, Dad got some names of trainers to work with and he plans on going through this with her! I can tell by the sound in his and Mom's voices that they are completely in love and there is no way they are giving this girl up!

Millie has apparently made herself right at home. She is very smart, already house broken, and follows Maddie everywhere. She's been to the beach already and dove right in which is a must in the Huling family. She also has to rest on top of someone's feet which is nice in Michigan winters. I cannot wait to meet Millie and learn all the sign language she will need to know!!!

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