Feb 24, 2012


So, Ben has an imaginary friend and he's really starting to freak us out. Or maybe, we've seen too many horror movies and this is just a healthy thing. But, Aiden, has come into our lives. He doesn't live here...he lives in the dirt (freaky!!!), and him and Ben play a lot together. This morning, Ben was building a castle out of leggos, Aiden told him to so he didn't have to live in the dirt anymore. Horror movie makings? Brian even looked up to see if anyone by the name of Aiden lived (and possibly died) in this house. We found nothing. We'll see where this takes us.
Other than that, everyone is doing amazingly well! All healthy and happy! Hailey, as you can see, is really starting to imitate things. All the sudden yesterday I noticed she was wanting to do the hokey pokey! Sad thing was it got funnier but I ran out of memory. Time to clean out the camera. This morning as I watched it back she started shaking it all about again and just smiling away!

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