Jun 5, 2012

Hailey is 1!!!

Hailey and Mom, June 5, 2011.  1hour old.  
Hailey June 5, 2012
And yes, it's all Hailey all day!  Both kids are sleeping.  Time to go bake a cake!

I just want to say really quickly, how much I love my sweet Hailey!  How much I am flooded with memories of our day one year ago.  Thank God for neighbors who were home (Bonnie Becker!!!!), and for my husband's ability to run red lights in the safest way you could possibly run red lights in order to get me to the hospital a mere 9 minutes before Hailey made her entrance!  We've been going nonstop ever since!

More pictures and video to come of a fun filled celebration!

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