Jul 4, 2012

List of lists - Ben/Hailey Asleep Edition

So, Major League Bishopers, this is not a test. This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system. Please go to your nearest list and find out what you need to do in the 20 minutes that both Ben and Hailey are asleep.

1) Clean Bar. The bar usually doesn't need cleaning. I mean, we clean it out every weekend, if you know what I mean. Actually, I don't know what I mean anymore. The bar is so seldom used that it is full of dust and cobwebs......and I just got why it is on my list.

2) Clean Desk. The desk always needs cleaning. We have one laptop with external monitor, 3 cell phones, one camera, one camcorder, 2 iPods, 1 printer, 1 speaker set with subwoofer, 1 garmin GPS wristwatch, 1 mouse, and a variety of power cords, adapters, and various sundry. And we just got a new laptop (ASUS!).  With five more cords. Ugh.

3) Get a Taxi. Well, if I don't finish this cleaning, I will need a taxi to escape. And, we need one to get to the airport on Saturday for a 6am flight. With 2 kids. Which reminds me....

4) Add Hailey to our Flights. She's a child in lap, so she doesn't need to actually have her own ticket. Thank god, because flights are big buckaroos. It takes about 20 minutes to talk to the non-English speaking telephone operator to convince them that Hailey is young enough (under 2) and I really don't need to pay a fee for her. I mean, if it comes down to fees, we can always stuff her in a carry on instead. About the same price nowadays.

5) Pack. Yes, a man is going to pack early for a trip. Usually, I'd just wait until 15 minutes before the taxi comes, but - hey - when you have a day off, why spend it playing around on the computer. Which reminds me....

6) Write a New Blog Post. Check.

- Brian


PPS - Patricia is a goddess for doing this every day she doesn't go into work. She gets more done in those 20 minutes than I can even imagine.

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