Sep 12, 2012

Ben's First Day of School!

Quick post with more to come, hopefully.  I want to start putting the kids development type stuff up again (for my own memory, too!).  Anyway, we're settling into a schedule and glad for it.

But the BIG BIG news is that Ben had his first day of preschool yesterday!  He's about 2inches taller than all his other classmates, to the point where at orientation last week I had to double check with his teachers (Miss Denise and Miss Cathy) that he was in the right classroom, which he is.  He's just VERY tall!

He's been very excited!  He wrote his name in his folder for school.  And did GREAT on his first day.  He ran into that classroom without looking back (parents weren't allowed in on the first official day).  He was given one homework assignment and on the way to lunch after school he said "Mom, I should do my homework first."  Seriously!!!!?!?!  I hope this enthusiasm  continues. I just wanted to take him to lunch on his first day! He has show and tell tomorrow and has been practicing a magic act with his teddy bear (TOTALLY his doing/idea).  I'm serious.  A magic act.

Hailey is doing very well.  We came home after dropping Ben off and she immediately fell asleep so I had MORNING QUIET TIME!  I got so much done.  I had to wake her to go pick Ben up.  When we were allowed into his room for the synopsis of his first day, she screamed with excitement when she saw him and just kept pointing at him going "Ba...Ba...Ba..."  The class needed to stay seated while the parents filed in and Ben was one of about 1/2 that actually stayed seated!  The others ran for their parents.  So proud!  He did yell "Mommy!!"  But did not budge!  I think this is going to be great!

More to come, Ben is begging me for walk and it's actually not too hot out to do that!

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