Jul 10, 2013

Ben's recipes

Ben has a new passion.  It's cooking.  Coming up with his own creations.  This has only been about a week now.  But he is so serious, and obsessed with it, I felt the need to publish some of his recipes!  He came up with the names, too.

(Measurements are approximate)

Watermelon Passion:
1 cup cut up watermelon
5 grapes
1 iceberg lettuce leaf, whole
7 Goldfish crackers
3 icecubes
1/4 cup water of water.

Combine ingredients in small bowl.  Freeze for 3-5minutes.  "Enjoy"

A modified version came the next day where he added a splash of Cherry Pomegranite V8 Splash prior to freezing.  Added a nice sweetness if you ask me!

Superhero Yummy (pictured):
One piece of white bread, cut up
One Cherry Blast Gogurt
6 grapes
1/4 cup milk
2 baby carrots cut up.
3 icecubes

Superhero Yummy

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, freeze for 5minutes.  Transfer to a cup.  "Enjoy."
A modified version without the bread is also pictured.
Superhero Yummy, modified, no bread

Mr. Cereal
Ben also called it: Strawberry soup with watermelon and cereal:

3 strawberries, cut up
1/2 cup watermelon
1/2 cup Chocolate Cherrios
3 icecubes
a dash of milk
a dash of water
4 Goldfish crackers

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and freeze for 3-10 minutes.  "Enjoy."

I have been supportive of this new passion.  His creativity and focus is admirable!  And yes, I have tried some.  You just watch where the spoon goes and make sure he doesn't insist on you using a straw.  The modified Superhero Yummy was actually not bad and he ate all his grapes AND carrots!  He said "I like the crunchy."  Maybe a chef on our hands?


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