Dec 4, 2008

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Ok, so here's an update for you! I am home with my feet up, "taking it easy." Why? Well, I started having some pretty good contractions this morning. To the point where I thought I should call the doctor. Of course they said to come in to check me. Well, I was having contractions, I am dilated to 2cm, and freaking out. The contractions are still not regular and when I rested on the monitor for a while I was able to go about 20minutes without one which means I'm not quite ready, but close. The doctor ordered me to come home, rest, and call if anything changes or they become more regular. The doctor did say to make an appointment for one week but that she will "likely see me sooner." I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I know this could go a while longer still. And the doctor is pretty set on me trying to stay pregnant another week as I am only 35weeks right now, but didn't seem too confident that would happen. We'll see. I'm excited but nervous. I know it's a bit early and I just want what's best for him. The doctor wants me to be done with work which stinks because I wanted to take all my time off with my baby. But, again, I want what's best for my little man, so I'm staying home from work. I think that's about it. I hope daytime tv has improved some since last I was able to experience it!

Love you all!

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