Dec 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy December Everyone! I thought I would include a picture my sister, Stephanie, took this weekend at the cottage of my three nieces and one of my nephews. From the left, it's Devin(6), Meghan(5), Morgan(2), and Lianna(8). Brian, Abby, and I had a great time at the cottage with my family this past weekend. Abby is exhausted! She had a ball playing on the beach with Lily, Madie, and Syd (all the dogs). I did pretty well. I'm feeling HUGE! We really only have a few more weeks until baby boy Bishop joins us. My family was great, and helped me just take it easy. The kids are so sweet! They would bring me my water, draw me pictures, and were just so stinking cute! They reminded me how fast time goes by. I feel like each and every one of them were born yesterday, and now look at them! Blake is the only one not in the picture and I hope to get a video of him up soon. He is so adorable and just made me want my little boy.

I spoke with Jen yesterday and she and Jackson are home and adjusting well. They're both mending well and it sounds like Scott is taking good care of both of them. I cannot wait to see them all and hold that baby!

Other than us just waiting to have this baby and trying to get everything done prior to, not a whole lot going on. Christmas shopping has yet to get started, we still need a crib (yikes), find a day care (yikes yikes), and I can barely move once I get done with work to do any of it. I started putting up Christmas decorations tonight and now I'm waiting for Brian to get home to finish because I'm so sore and tired. We'll get it all done.

Happy December to all!

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