Jun 26, 2009

Abby's a good girl!

Abby has been so good with Ben! He has learned that when Abby lays down, it is time to roll over to her and "pet" her. She generally lets this happen for about 3.5seconds and then walks away. She's such a good girl!

We're all fixed up at the Bishop house. We've had a week of doctor's and vet appointments and everyone is healthy and happy aside from a slight double ear infection in our Abby. Ben has been a rock star! He got all his vaccines and didn't even cry when they poked him! He looked perplexed but then just smiled at the nurse who swears she's never experienced that before. We're thinking he has no sense of pain. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

The food trials continue to go well. The one big thing is I already miss the old diaper schedule. The three day cycle (see blog from April 11) is no more. With the new diet we are now on a one to two day cycle of diapers that actually smell! We just haven't had to deal with that yet. For those parents-to-be, one perk of nursing is the non smelly poo.

Ben's personality continues to develop and it's so fun to watch. He is very busy. He's very smart and always needs something new in front of him to explore. He has started pulling himself around on the floor to get to what he wants along with rolling to it. One thing that has developed is that he is not too happy when Momma walks away. He likes having me right there with him. I'm trying to have him play on his own, but if I'm in eyesight, he just wants me. Kinda cute! Kinda annoying. I just love that boy, what can I say?!

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