Aug 6, 2009

Bath Tubs and Baby Proofing

(Keep scrolling down for Ben's agility training!)

I was able to catch this moment in the bath tub! Ben is LOVING bath time. We have recently moved into the actual bathtub, from the kitchen sink. Abby is also discovering the joys of bath time. She loves to come up and help.

Everything else here is going well. Everyone is healthy (knock on wood), teeth are still coming in (Ben only), and learning to crawl (also Ben only). Yes, Ben is learning the ins and outs of crawling. He army crawls right now, but can really haul it that way! He is starting to come up on hands and knees and move a little that way, but then ends in the army crawl. It's scary. My house is NOT child proofed AT ALL! I thought I had all the time in the world to child poof, and here we are! One thing I have learned is that babies love cords. He will coast past every toy imaginable in the hopes of reaching whatever cord I have left in sight! It'll be fine.

Hope all is well!

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