Aug 29, 2009

Moose is Turning 30!

Sorry this is a bit late but I've been a bit busy. You see, my dear husband is currently enjoying the Cubs game with his pals Jeff, Dagan, and Diddy. Last evening Jeff and Diddy flew in and surprised Brian along with Dagan's help. I have been busily shopping, and preparing my house for the party. The male bonding went until the wee hours, and now it's 2 days of baseball and beers. Yes, they're going to the Sunday game as well. It's just me and Ben tonight as Brian will be crashing at Dagan's place. A pretty good birthday bash if you ask me. It was something I came up with about 6 months ago and am amazed that I kept it a secret this long!

Ben update: he's working on tooth #5. He's starting to get the hang of it a bit. We still have a few nights here and there that are pretty sleepless. Orajel and the occasional Tylenol helps. One piece of advice I have for new mothers out there: don't apply the Baby Orajel if there is a feeding anytime in the near future. It just equals frustration for your poor baby who can't feel his mouth.

Other than teeth, he's still mastering his crawling skills. He also learned the fun in closing doors. No fingers caught yet! Man he loves that, though! So many dangers! It still amazes me how I can have 100 toys on the floor and that boy will crawl right past them and bee line it to the floor vent, or outlet, things like that!

Hope all is well. I'm going to enjoy my quiet evening of guilt free chick flick watching!

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