Sep 18, 2009

9-month Check Up

I can't believe it but yes, Ben is 9 months old! He had his 9 month check up yesterday. He is very healthy! He is 30inches putting him off the charts for length (still), and 21.6 pounds which puts him in the 75% for weight. Yes, he's sort of tall and skinny right now. The doctor says this is perfectly normal, he's going through a growth spurt and his weight is fine. Of course, Brian is freaking out that we're not feeding him enough and we need to bulk him up if he's going to be in the NFL.

He's working on teeth numbers 5 and 6 which are one of his top front teeth and one lower tooth. Both of which have broken through in the last couple of days.

He's also been busy exploring his surroundings. The floor plants are now in the guest bedroom, we can no longer have tv trays as side tables, and I'm afraid Abby's water dish may need to come up during Ben waking hours. He just goes right to it! I caught him elbow deep in that thing twice yesterday!

Hope you enjoy these videos. We got some cute ones this week. He loves playing peak-a-boo. I'm having trouble catching it on video because as soon as the camera comes out he's intrigued by the camera. But he is very good at pulling the blanket up over his head and back to play the game. I also thought I would include one to try to grasp his fascination with opening and closing doors. A very determined boy!

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