Sep 11, 2009

More teething terror!

We had an interesting week here. I don't know what happened to our precious Ben, but I want him back! He's screaming at night, not eating his food, and getting in fights at school. Let me break this down a little. I think he's cutting more teeth and continues to not handle it well. I suppose if sharp objects were stabbing through my gums I'd be a terror, too. He's waking up at night more and more and just screaming. A little Infant Tylenol and Baby Orajel continues to do ok, but the other night was tough. We got maybe 3 hours of sleep.

I also don't know if it's the teething, but he's starting to get a little finicky when it comes to meal time. He doesn't want any of his fruits or vegetables. He just wants Puffs! We can't even show him the tin or he'll just scream until we give him Puffs! If he doesn't see the Puffs, we can usually manage to get half a container or so down of his other food. He's very determined to do everything himself. Feed himself, use his sippy cup, everything. Yesterday, I tried to cut up pears for the first time. I figure that way he can do it himself. He wasn't sure of those. Maybe it was the texture, but those didn't fly, either, just Puffs! We'll keep trying. He's still nursing fine at least.

And yes, he got in his first fight at school. I should say, he was the victim of a random act of violence. Brian saw the whole thing. Basically, as soon as Ben was dropped off at daycare yesterday, he was sitting on the floor, and another toddler came up and just wacked him on top of the head with a toy. To the point that Ben has a bruise and everything. The teachers say after he settled down he acted fine the rest of the day, just had a bump on the head. He's ok. Kids will be kids! But that kid better not touch my kid again!!!

Enjoy the new videos. He's loving pulling himself up on things. He's not very graceful, yet, and I prefer having a hand on him, but he's again, very determined. He has become very good at going from crawling to pushing himself to a sitting position. Something that took a while and I am very pleased about! As you may remember, we don't want him on his back. Until now, he would crawl to a toy, grab it and roll onto his back to play with it. Now he can sit up and play with it!

There are also a couple pictures of us at Buckingham Fountain. All this time living in Chicago and last weekend was our first time actually standing next to it! We've seen it from the car many times.

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