Oct 2, 2009

Ben is busy!

Ben has been very busy lately. He is discovering his environment more and more. One thing I don't understand, though. He can have any toy he wants, yet the only interests he has are in cords, this computer (we're taking to doing our business on the internet during nap time), and the dog bowls. Poor Abby! You can see in this video her spirit is broken even more. The majority of day light hours her water bowl is at counter level. Meal time hasn't been affected because as anyone who knows Abby is aware of, she can eat all her meal in 25seconds flat!

Ben has also taken a particular interest in opening and closing cupboards. We are in the process of installing child proof latches. I think I'll leave the tupperware cupboard alone because it is too cute to watch him empty that thing out.

Updates: Ben is now crawling on hands and knees 100% of the time. I didn't think he would, but here we go. It's so cute! He's standing with more and more confidence and is even trying to reach outside his base of support and take a step between objects. We have had a predicament with sitting up in bed. He gets himself sitting up in the corner of his crib and is so tired he gets stuck there. He's still a wild child when he sleeps, he's just all over the place, and before we know it, he's stuck in the corner again. Aside from that he's still a good sleeper. Unless a tooth is breaking through he's still going about 10hours at night and one to two good naps a day. Can't complain, really!

Teeth: he's working on his 2nd front tooth right now. It's blanching under the surface nicely, so any day now. This will be tooth #7 that we can see.

Meal time: Ben's eating more and more solid food. He prefers feeding himself! He's still addicted to Puffs! We're also trying banana's and other soft fruit. He will eat cereal and fruit but any vegetable is becoming a challenge. Unless there's squash or sweet potatoes mixed in there I can forget it! He LOVES drinking from his sippy cups. Very independent!

Family: Ben and I spent last weekend re doing my sister's kitchen. We are quite the do-it-yourselfers! We also did this with four children at our heals most of the weekend! I'm pretty proud of us.

We are leaving either tonight or tomorrow morning for Kalamazoo. Brian is actually going on this one so we'll leave when he's available. My mother hasn't seen Ben in quite a while (Dad was here for the zoo trip) and is about to be very busy with all her performances so we're going to give her a baby fix!

We're back on Sunday, then on Wednesday Ben will get to see his other Grandparents! Karen and Barry are on their way for the following weekend to get their baby fix!

So, lot's of family which is just how we like it!

Hope all is well!

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