Oct 26, 2009

We're home! We're exhausted! We spent the last couple of days at the cottage and had such a nice time. Ben did great! He loved playing with Jackson and Blake. For some reason Ben loved tackling Jackson. He thought this was very funny! We caught the end of one tackle. Maybe he will play football after all!

Ben was very adventurous. Brian and I quickly established a hand off system. One of us had a complete set of eyes on Ben at all times that he was not in the playpen. The only time he was in the playpen was when he was sleeping. He slept great, too, which was nice. We were stuck inside most of Saturday with lots of wind and HUGE waves! Of course it cleared up on Sunday and we were able to get out and go for a walk. I was surprised that Ben did so well in the backpack. He wasn't so sure about it last time I tried it, but this time just loved watching Abby chase the ball and his cousins play around him. Brian carried him in the pack and Ben just pointed at everything and jabbered away in his ear. So cute!

Tonight we had another first. I fed Ben his first Spaghettios! He LOVED them! He also took the reigns and wanted to feed himself with the spoon! I was able to catch it on camera. He's taken food off the spoon and off the tray to feed himself very well, but tonight he was actually going through the motions of feeding himself with the spoon! He was determined to do this! Right after I turned the camera off he flung a big spoonful right into his eye and thought that was hysterical! We got a little messy and badly needed a bath following dinner tonight!

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