Jun 14, 2010

Mowing the lawn!

I never thought watching Brian mow the lawn could be so much fun! Ben LOVES IT! He also stares out the window intently when any of the neighbors mow their lawn. Especially the neighbors that get the service where there are four or five guys running around on those big mowers. The most precious part of this video is him yelling "Yeah Daddy" at the end of the video.

He suddenly started speaking in some sentences just today. On the way home from the babysitters he said "I wanna see choo choo." When I said "Did you say you wanna see the choo choo?" back to him he screamed "YEAH!" We were coming up on the railroad tracks by our house.

So, we came home tonight, Brian's mowing the lawn and Ben was just running back and forth yelling "Yeah, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" He was having a ball.

Better go put him to bed now. Enjoy!

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