Jun 30, 2010

Fun in Richmond!

Ben LOVED the pool! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Bishop!
Ben, Dad, and Aunt Allison at the family reunion.

Ben and Mom getting added to the family tree. It's official!
We had so much fun in Richmond. A great trip! Ben got to see his Great Grandparents and as you can see, he really took to them. He showed them all how to properly apply stickers to bellys. He showed Great Grandma Joyce and Great Grandma Shirley how to color. He showed his father and Grandpa how to properly kick. And yes, you heard me right in the one video, I call my father-in-law the pool boy.

Ben took such good care of his baby cousin Airin. He just loves babies!
Ben was our construction worker. Hard hat, Gatorade and all!

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