Jul 29, 2010


As you may imagine, I have hours of video and hundreds of pictures to sort through from our Bishop Family Vacation on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. We arrived to our home at 1:45pm central today (Thursday July 29) after roughly 19hours of traveling from our comfy condo accommodations on the Big Island of Hawaii. I will obviously be posting many wonderful memories we would like to share with others, but for now thought it would be funny to share how extremely tired Ben was tonight! He was good, not even crabby, just TIRED!

We had an amazing time. Much more to come but here are a few highlights:
* Most Fun Bishops had at a beach: Kaanapali Beach, Maui. Ben dug in and loved the sand and water.

* Best sea turtle: Black Sand Beach, Punalu'u, Big Island on the way to Volcano's National Park.

* Best Volcano: Kilauea on Big Island. Walked on lava flows, saw steam vents, the thing is active people!!!

* Best descent from a volcano: the big boys riding bikes down Haleakala on Maui.

* Most relaxing event: girls spa day at Grand Wailea, Maui.

* Awesome being there with best friends ever

* Best food: Mama's Fishhouse, Maui

* Worst part of trip: Jen breaking out in full body hives for no apparent reason for the last week we were there.

* Best toddlers: Ben and Jackson tie for number one. It went 100 times better than we ever imagined it could have gone!! Those boys soaked it all up and allowed us to as well!

* Best toddler pool: Kona Coast Resort, Big Island. Ben and Jackson LOVED it!

* Worst toddler pool: the previously awesome toddler pool at the Sands of Kahana on Maui which was getting torn apart during our stay there.

* Most nerve wracking moment: driving with our children in the car past barricades towards an actual lava flow! Kalapana, Big Island.

More to come...I'm going to bed. Not to mention preparing for a household of visitors arriving in the morning!

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