Sep 12, 2010

Grandparents and T-ball

We're having a nice, quiet weekend at home this weekend. We're watching some football, going for walks, taking naps! Still recovering from having Grandma and Grandpa Bishop here! We all had a ball! And they brought many various balls that Grandpa Bishop worked hard to make sure Ben knew how to throw. Ben also had his first lesson on how to swing a bat. We really did have fun! They stayed right through Labor Day then it was back to work for us.

Ben's been doing very well. No issues to report. Sleeping has gotten a little hairy. We've always been lucky in this area but lately Ben has been a little crabby when it comes time to go to bed. He's still going down for his nap and bedtime but has to cry for the first few minutes. He does eventually stop and fall asleep and wake up happy, but I'm used to putting a happy baby down. It's only been a little over a week so we'll see what happens.

A couple videos for you to enjoy. One of the Bishop boys playing in the backyard. The other of Ben putting his friends to bed! After I stopped shooting this video he wanted to get in the bed and kiss them night night. Too cute!

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