Aug 29, 2010

Even MORE summer fun!

We have continued our non stop summer of 2010 fun! I am so behind on videos. There are videos from the zoo, the beach, the park, Grandma and Grandpa's house. We've been constantly on the move. These last two weeks have been particularly interesting. You see, Ben and I were all packed up to go to the cottage for a day with the aunts and cousins. The car was packed, I was going to pick Ben and Abby up right after work and off we go. Until we got the phone call. Yes, our house was robbed last Wednesday after we left for work! The kicker of the whole thing? It was the kid across the street and his girlfriend. Also, there were roofers watching to whole thing, called the cops and the kids were caught. They broke into 3 houses, attempted a 4th and we were one of the successful ones. They took whatever they could grab! We got most of it back and they are going to jail. He is 17 and she is 19. Both being tried as adults. The only problem is that they are out on bail so we have to look at him until the trial. Always something.

So, we cleaned up what we could and Brian and I agreed Ben and I could still go to the beach for Thursday. We had so much fun! Ben continues to be our little beach boy. As you can see it was a bit rough, but it calmed down later and he was able to swim. Him swimming continues to test my back strength more than my job as a therapist! He loves it, though.

The videos of the kids (Lianna, Devin, and Meghan) are plays they worked really hard on. I'm still trying to analyze them to find their true meaning. They were very excited about them getting on the internet so see for yourself!

We spent the weekend recovering at home from our adventures and finishing our police report. And yes, Ben has made two trips to the Oak Forest Police Department already in his young life. At least we were on the right side of the law.

After working the beginning of the week, Ben, Abby and I headed to Kalamazoo to see Grandma and Grandpa Huling for an over-niter. We had perfect weather and a nice visit. Grandma even taught me how to can tomatoes!
Ben loved running down the ramp from Grandpa's building! He raced anyone who would take him on! So, while Grandpa was re arranging (including finally getting rid of that freezer!) Grandma and Ben raced!

The last video is apparently what happens when Mom decides to work a Saturday and leaves Dad in charge. I had asked him to maybe take some time and clean up a bit. To Brian, this means jamming Rhianna with our 21month old. I came home to Ben dancing around with the Swiffer wet jet upstairs and Brian no where to be found. He was down in the downstairs bathroom cleaning it! Can't complain, I mean they were cleaning!

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