Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

All I have to say is, Ben, I am so sorry. Someday you are going to be so mad at me for putting these videos online. But, you have been so funny all day today. We've had a good Thanksgiving at home! Lots of cooking, relaxing, football, and playing! Ben loved the Macy's Parade and even joined in with the Rockettes! Of course, he was very animated and then less so once we got the camcorder out!

Dinner was great! We made the whole thing and sat down with music and candles, and all that. It ends up Ben loves turkey and cranberries! I made the cranberries (no cans here!), and they were tasty!

We're cleaning up now. Going to RELAX tonight, watch a movie. Looking forward for more eating with the Hulings this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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