Dec 2, 2010

Thanksgiving in Michigan

We had a busy Thanksgiving weekend in Michigan. To summarize:

Thursday: see previous post.

Friday: got up, drove to the cottage, approximately 3.5hours. Started cooking. Sisters arrived with nieces and nephews! Ben gets to have a little birthday party (a little early) with his cousins present. He got lots of presents! Blew out the candles on his Cars birthday cake! A dug in!

Saturday: more family come for the Huling Thanksgiving! Lots of craziness! Lots of food! A good time!

Sunday: the wind calmed down enough (until then, too windy to leave to the house, let alone go to the beach) for us to go for a little walk on the beach. Ben was a trooper and had to walk the whole time!

We left early afternoon and found a Christmas tree farm in Montague, Michigan where Brian sawed our Christmas tree from the ground himself!! Ben loved it! He was tired by then but got right in there and tried to help. We strapped it to the top of the SUV and headed back to IL. Ben has been enthralled by the tree in the living room and continually tries to decorate it with various things he finds from around the house!

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