Mar 17, 2011

Ben likes taking pictures

We're still recovering here. The painting is (almost) done. Just some touch ups and putting fixtures back up and that sort of thing. This is the first day where I've been home and there isn't major work going on in my house. I'm barely able to move! Ben seems like he's had enough, too. He just keeps hugging me, cuddling up with me, and asked to go take his nap. Such a good kid.

Bottom line again:
We painted 4 rooms in 4 days. The kitchen, dining room, the hallway (by myself), and the baby's room. The baby's room is now a peach (not quite pink, but sort of I guess...) color. We just have to get the trim back up, get the poor girl some furniture and we'll all set! Thanks again so much to Lenore and Stephanie for all their hard work in the painting process!

Ken, my wonderful handyman, came today and finished up the toe kicks (which aren't in the picture but my kitchen's a mess right now, so just picture more white under the cabinets), and the transition/threshold from the kitchen to the dining room. Looks even nicer!

The other thing we discovered the other night is Ben LOVES to take pictures so I've decided to add those, even though they are less than flattering of me and Brian. Ben took this very seriously!

Now here are Ben's first photos. The first is him "posing" with Abby. His fake smile is pretty hilarious! The rest are all him behind the camera. Ok, there is the rug, a lot of fingers in the way, but he's learning!

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