Mar 11, 2011

Out with the old....

Taking a brief break here. It's been a busy week of tearing out the old kitchen floor, and putting in the new one. Plus Dad and Brian got to install a new microwave (yes, our microwave died, too...finally for the last time). Dad stayed for 6 days in order to get all this done and I must say I love our new kitchen floor!!!! Now, I still haven't decided what color to paint the walls!! The red just doesn't work anymore. You can see in the video of Ben painting, I have thrown a lot of samples on the wall! The sisters are currently on their way from Michigan to help paint, and I'm hoping they will have an opinion.

Like I said, Dad stayed with us for nearly a week! He worked his tail off! Got a ton done around this old house. In the evenings we all needed to unwind a bit, so Ben generally watched some cartoons and we played game after game of Rummikub. It was really a lot of fun.

I've been a painting fool!!! I even spent this afternoon painting the hallway! It's done! Ben helped...sort of. I have to say, the $1.97 that little sample paint roller cost was worth every penny. He had "Ben's wall." And I worked on "Mommy's wall." Then a 2 hour nap helped me finish up. I'm a little tired, but the hallway looks a lot better! So, I'm trying to rest now, because if my sisters are coming all the way from Michigan to help finish this, I better be on my A-game tomorrow!

Baby girl update: Getting bigger and bigger! I'm feeling...pregnant! As of Saturday I will be 27 weeks pregnant. That leaves one more week of the second trimester. All is good! She continues to be a mover and a shaker! Love it!

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