Dec 23, 2011

The Good Times...

Things are crazy. The house is a mess. I'm hoping to pull it all together by Christmas Eve!

But here, a few of the good times from the past week.

Oh, and Hailey has her first tooth! Came in December 19! Bottom, front! Ouch. She's handling it well. She's really chomping on everything, she's not sleeping as well, but she's still pretty happy!

My mother got Ben a drum set. Not so good times. Thanks Grandma. What did I ever do to her? But really, Ben LOVES THEM! And they aren't too loud.

Hailey with "that Grandma" opening one of her presents. Ben is just a little too helpful sometimes!

This was this morning. I usually place Hailey down on Ben's floor while we get ready. She LOVES his room. He wanted to read to her. I turned around and this is what was happening! TOO CUTE! I have to be careful, though. He does try to pick her up. He can drag her onto his lap which is cute, but then he uses his "super strength" to try to "teach her to walk!" That generally entails him picking her up with one arm under her arm, and the other...well..around her neck. I will keep them both alive. I promise!

Also, notice Hailey getting up on her hands and knees? Yup, crawling is right around the corner. I'm tired.

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