Dec 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Benjamin!

Three years ago today! Can you believe it? I will keep this brief. I have decided since I did all the work that day, I will also consider this my day off! Which means, my house is a wreck and I don't care. We are busily getting ready for birthday and Christmas festivities so it's getting hard to keep up with everything!

But, we did have 2 doctor's appointments this morning (Ben didn't need shots and it was the only time we had so I figured he'd get over it!!). So, here are the run downs of both appointments.

Ben: 3 years old TODAY! Height: 40.5 inches (above 95%), weight 36.7lbs (90%). Healthy as a horse! Absolutely no issues! Did great with the exam including his first blood pressure check which was 72/50 which is totally normal for his age.

Hailey: 6month check up! Height 27.5in (95%), weight 17lbs, 2oz (75%). Had 3 shots today which she wasn't particularly happy with, but otherwise did great! She, too, is as healthy as they come! Ben comparison at 6months: he was 29inches and 19.5lbs! Kind of funny to look at!

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