Mar 2, 2012


We continue to have fun up here! Kids are growing growing growing! Hailey is ON THE MOVE!!!! She continues crawling faster than anyone I've ever seen! One thing she has FINALLY done is clap! And she is so happy about it. Just started yesterday. We'd clap, or play games and she just smack both hands down on her lap. The light bulb went on yesterday and now all she wants to do is clap! Today, she'll crawl a little bit, then sit up and clap and just beam with pride! Oh, it is the little things!

We're all healthy (knock on wood), and I really think it was the illness and subsequent medication that was affecting Hailey's sleep. She's slept through the night all week! I've gotten more sleep than I have in months, yet somehow I'm still exhausted. Hmmm.

I'm enjoying some overlapping nap time and putting away all my snowmen. I generally like to keep them up till the official start of spring (I love snowmen) but it just seems weird having them up still when we have not seen snow in weeks. Or much of it anyway. Ben even enjoyed a bike ride down the sidewalk this week when we got home from work! I still need to figure out how to get video from my phone to the blog because man, he was cute on that bike! He's very good at it!!

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