Mar 9, 2012

Chow Time!

Well, Ben has taken an interest in feeding Hailey. And actually, it's a big help! She doesn't get much more messy than when I feed her! She seems to have more fun watching him than me, and I can be making dinner for the rest of the family! It's actually a big help! She continues to be a good eater, but eating isn't enough. She has to have something to do. Playing with a spoon, a container, something. But if she has something to do she will eat away. And eats almost anything I give her. Fruits and veggies, I haven't found anything she won't eat. But I've tried adding some of those mixes, like Mac n Cheese, or chicken soup that Gerber makes, and she WILL NOT eat it! She prefers to feed herself which is quite messy. Puffs and things like that are her favorite.

Ben continues to be a struggle with eating. I know someday he'll be a teenage boy and I won't be able to keep him out of the fridge, but for now, it's just frustrating.

Sleeping: Thank you Jesus, but we are sleeping more and more! She is FINALLY falling into a pattern! Two pretty regular naps, about an hour each, bed time around 7:30, and sleeping until about 6am. That's pretty good! Unfortunately, her brother is now trying to stay up later and later. He's going to bed around 8:30pm and trying to work the system until about 9:30pm! By "work the system" I mean he'll go potty about 5 times, need to "tell us something," things like that. We're working on it. We know.

Preparing for fun times in the coming weeks! This weekend is Huling time in Michigan for a show as well as Dad and Morgan's birthday. Can you believe she's 6 years old already!!?

Then home, work a few days and HOPEFULLY have time to clean a little before the Bishops come for another visit. I just can't wait to show off these kids!!!!

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