Apr 22, 2012


She love her walker as you see!  She's very coordinated!

    Things here are going well, but not really slowing down much and don't foresee them slowing down anytime soon.  I'm anticipating some time in 2030 I'll get a chance to catch up!

So, quick update.  We're all healthy and happy!  Everyone's continuing to eat AND SLEEP very well.  Hailey and Ben are thriving.  Hailey has taken to walking around with her car as you see.  Sometimes on her knees is easier, though faster.  She's REALLY wanting to talk and Brian and I have agreed that her first official word is Mama!  I know every mother thinks that, and that's a sound all babies make, but it's the first word she's really saying with purpose and all the time.  She calls for me in the other room, she exclaims my name when I walk in, all that.  It's very cute.

   She's also taken to getting very frustrated when things don't go exactly her way.  She throws her arms up, gets all pouty, then just cries!  Pretty pathetic!  It doesn't last long.  Ben usually comes to the rescue and entertains her in one fashion or another.  

   We're getting ready for my Dad to come tomorrow.  He's staying most of the week and his plans include refacing all our gardens!  They are in ugly, terrible shape, as they've been largely neglected for the past few years, so it's time for a facelift!  Can't wait to not be so embarrassed as people walk by our house!

  Oh, other big news!  Ben is all registered for preschool!  He's so excited, he wants to go now!  He can't understand that he has to wait until September!  So, we're learning the months of the year now.  Pretty cute. He'll be going 2 days a week for about 2 1/2 hours each time.  We went the other night and registered then out to dinner where both kids did amazing!  Hailey sat in a highchair and got A LOT of attention from passersby!  We were almost like "Can we PLEASE just eat our dinner?!"  But, it kept her happy and entertained as we ate.  And kept me distracted as I was a little emotional at registering my oldest for preschool!

    I'm still training for my half marathon which is in two weeks!  Training is...well...HARD!  Today was really the last big run (supposed to be 12, I made it 10).  But my body is rejecting this.  I have shin splints, plantar fascitis, and blisters.  Plus back spasms this morning.  I'm just not as young as I used to be and am not healing on the "days off!"  Of course, "days off" include hauling around 2 kids, maintaining a house, or working as a therapist, all hard on the body...  

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