Apr 8, 2012

Crazy Month!

Living the Good Life:
Here's a run down of the last month of our lives.

March 10-11: To Kalamazoo for Dad and Morgan's birthday and Mom's show.
March 12-14: worked
March 15-19: Bishops here. Had a BLAST! Hailey and Ben went to their first parade and our feet still hurt. But it was gorgeous weather and we all had a nice time watching the parade in downtown Chicago.
March 21-23: work
March 25-28: Aunt Maggie came to visit and we celebrated our birthdays! I haven't had a real birthday celebration in probably 5 years so it was nice to have a girls night out. And my baby sister is now 30!!
March 28-30: work
March 31-April 1: Drive to Detroit to spend night with Trices. A very nice time.
April 1-4: In St. Joe to spend time at the beach, then back to Chicago with Aunts Stephanie and Lenore and ALL cousins! Spent time at Museum of Science and Industry which was amazing and we can't wait to go back. Then had all cousins stay here to party it up for the rest of the time. Still having gorgeous weather!

Now we're trying to catch our breath!

Kids update:

Ben is doing amazing! He's had such a good time with all the visitors and traveling. Potty training is near completing (knock on wood). He continues to be the most caring older brother I've ever seen.

Hailey: WOW! She's amazing, too!
Sleeping: even with all the chaos she's fallen into a nice routine. We have 2 naps, about an hour to hour and a half twice a day, bedtime around 7:30 and sleeping STRAIGHT through to about 6:30am! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Eating: any and everything! We've started throwing our regular food on her tray and she gobbles it up. She couldn't get enough chicken breast, cooked carrots, and rice the other night! And it's nice to see Ben watching her and he can't let his little sister "beat" him so it's helping him eat, too!

She had her 10month check up in all the craziness and she's growing and developing ahead of schedule. She was 95% for her length at 21inches, and 60% for her weight at 19lbs 11oz, but I see that changing with how much she's eating. In her developmental screen she was ahead for everything! She's standing for several seconds on her own, and trying to reach between furniture. Walking up and down furniture is no problem and I see her walking easily by one year old!

Enjoy some samplings of video and I'll try to put some pictures up later, time permitting. We have about 1/2 million after the month we've had!!!

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